Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oldies and Goodies

I know, I know. I have other things I should be posting about right now, but I'm just not in the mood. That's obviously been a blogging problem for me lately (but check out my large and green letters, pretty crazy right?). I felt way more like digging up a total random and posting on that. Sometimes those are the funnest. Yep. FUNNEST. So here's random for ya. This is a picture of my second ever photoshoot I did. It's an oldie. I was in hair school and I asked my best friend and a co-worker to let me use thier goods for my benefit. :) I did the hair and makeup here, and please don't look too close, there are so many flaws. But hey, I was brand spank. I did however dig the green stitching along the mohawk, that was a fun detail. (Maybe someday I'll post pictures of my first shoot. I did 3 models to look like earth, fire, and water. Super fun). This is also my first time actually showing my scanner who's boss, even though they didn't all come out looking quite right contrast/brightness wise. Sorry 'bout that.

I die for this girls fro. DIE.
Some other shots that scanned all crazytown on me

And last but not least, the GOODIES. Unfortunately I cannot claim that I took these pictures....sadness. But I did take pictures of these pictures. Not sure how legal that is, but I figure if I give a shout out to the photographer no harm done? Sara Boulter my friends. She's the bomb DIG. And don't mind my crookedness when taking the last ones. I was trying to eat at the same time....just love me

This last one makes me want to CRY i love it so much. Are you DYING? I did.