Friday, November 20, 2009

Well color me pregnant...

Or don't. You know, whatever.

Well no, let's go with don't. That'd be weird. Not to mention slightly misgiving seeing as how it's not me gettin ready to birth a small creature any day.

It's her.
(And yeah, I said creature.) She's my besticle. Isn't she illegal? Like had to go and be hot? Get outta here. There are cute pregnant chicks, and beautiful ones, and sassy ones, but HOT??? High five sister. High freakin five.

So being the ever crazy talented pool of people we are (?) - Dellany, Kira, and I threw Talisia a shower. A BABY shower. One with food. You betcha. And gifts. Lots of adorable, pregnant person gifts. It went pretty well I must say. I'm not gonna lie and say it went smoothly. Cuz homygosh. There might have been a few hiccups. But I refuse to even bring up what happened with the invitations. It was horrible, and embarrassing, and I don't want to talk about it...

So I realized I forgot to MENTION on the invitation that dinner will be served at the shower, and to please come hungry. Minor detail....(or not, but much more minor than the fact that I had half the invitations sealed and ready to go without the bloody time to show up on them) AND, it was brought to my attention that while some of the people got their invites in plenty of time, some were JUST BARELY getting them the day before the hmm. Yeah. Apparently my handwriting is not legible enough for the mail man....(literally it said that) Mind you, I had already emailed everyone over a month before just to prepare the lost souls. BUT STILL. So I sent out another email apologizing for the crazy that was going down, and also to make sure people were still coming ( and then politely informed them that if they weren't, of course the punishment for this was DEATH)

But it's cool. It was totally cool guys. I mean, I made soup. So....

I don't know if you heard, but I. MADE. SOUP.

Made it.

Kidding. I totally bought it from Costco and pretended that I made it. Seriously though, I told people that. Said I got the recipe from my step mom. (I did infact get a recipe from my step mom, but there was chopping involved, like real live chopping of things- for soup. So...nope.)
The "snack table" and some decorations. Do you have ANY idea what it's like trying to throw a baby boy shower WITHOUT USING BLUE? It's awesome, that's what it is! We had a soup bar and buttery rolls and punch bowl of yummy sherbet drink. And plenty o'snackage. Obviously.

(FYI, his name will be Beckham. I'm very creative.)

The plates. Cute, right?

The cupcakes. When they were all finished, all I could see were Monsters Inc creatures. Not so much the plan.
A little slice of our awesome. Dell, me, Kira, and Pregs. I seriously don't know what we're doing...


I put Dell in charge, ok she put herself in charge, of taking pictures with my camera. I have to say I was sorely disappointed....just sayin.

Cuz there were alot of pictures that looked like this. And as much as I love shoes....

Talisia's momma. See where she gets it from? This lady had us crackin up the whole night with her comments. And I know she was TOTALLY on to me about the soup. Damn her. (she also sent me 1,986 pictures to go through from the shower. So 99% of the pics on here are hers. Thanks Momma Tyson! And shame on you Dell)

Celia and her daughter with Talisia

Brooke, Meg, and Katie.

Nudes. Sorry Nuria, but I just can't call you anything else...

Me and Heidi (who is cute and pregnant). And I know I look haggard in this picture, but in throwing this shower, I'd had a nervous breakdown, 2 panic attacks, and a monstrous case of diarrhea.
Okay that was a little much. I really only had 1 panic attack, not 2.

Talisia, me, and Kelly

Kira and Christy

Tara and Tori making their entrance

Me kissing little Becks. Much better picture than the one taken before where I was eating the baby. It's what I do.

Kelly, totally unaware that this picture was happening. hehe

Kira, Christy, and Nudes.

Cute girls looking at a different camera. Tara, Katie, Meg, Brooke, Nudes, Heidi

I don't know. But I think Meg was stumped. And Katie was not.

Emily and T. Emily is classy. She wears peacoats and stripes.

Oh Dell. I love your precious, precious soul.
Kir, Emily, and Haley

Hannah, Shelby, and Kira

Haley and Noah. There were babies there. Lots of babies.

Noah trying out Beckham's beanie that Tara made him. So cute!

Tara holding Tori's baby girl Sadie.
Look at that face!

Sadie in all her girly glory. ADORABLE this girl.
We ate.

She opened presents.

And loved them!

A lot.

And then we took a group picture that could rival any sibling Christmas morning staircase picture out there.
And never played games. It's how I roll.

This is Beckham's nursery. I KNOW.

Complete with an art piece done by daddy, Brandon. He's amazing. (those fish bubbles are mirrors, but you can't really tell in this pic)

Bedding custom made by Talisia's family friend, Kim. Again, amazing.

Seriously, these pictures don't do it a shred of justice. You should see this room in person.

I want to sleep here.

This was Dell by the end of the night. Laughing so hard at Susan, that she "nearly" peed.
We might have been a little delirious in the end. We just aren't cut out for adulthood and all it has to offer:
Parties. Babies. INVITATIONS....soup. But you know, we had fun. And I learned something really valuable that I think I will take with me wherever life leads me, passing it on for all generations to come. It is not wise to drive on the freeway with a full crockpot of tomato soup in your passenger seat. It's just not.
Talisia, we really couldn't be more excited for you. You're having a BABY!!!!!
But the real star of the night? Katie's boots. My feet are having and emotional affair on my Target specials with these boots. And you know, I'm okay with it. I condone it, even. I'm 'bout to make it physical. Cuz they are just that tempting. And my feet are whores.
Yay for babies!!! (and really awesome footwear)