Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lake Mead!!!

We went and stayed in Mesquite to go boating a couple weekends ago with my in-laws. So much fun! I'm so lucky to have such great, fun in-laws. This is me and the dude hangin out on the boat. My little nephew Dylan is getting so big! He was my little bud. Him and his brothers, Brock and Kaden, are little fish. All they wanted to do was get out and swim with everyone. K, so I know this picture is dark, but I thought it was kinda cool that way. This is my man doing what he loves best, wakeboarding. The water was PERFECT at Mead. So perfect, even I got up. (I've been trying for like, 5 years is all) AND my mother-in-law. Kevin said it was the best wakeboarding he's ever done, but I was too slow on the trigger to get any pics with him getting any air. But him and his sis Beth got some awesome jumps in. I'm sad I didn't get the evidence, cuz it was pretty impressive. Or "frickin awesome" as Tyler would say.... :)
This is Lisa, Erik, and Kaden. It was good to see them cuz now that they live in St. George, we don't get to very often. Lisa got up on the wakeboard as well. WOO WOO! We're pretty much pro's now.
Dylan wearing my sunglasses trying to look tough. He kills me.

These my friends, are the wild donkeys we came across on the drive home. Who knew there were wild donkey families just roaming down south? I sure didn't. You would have thought we saw a pride of lions the way we stopped and took pictures in amazement, but seriously? Donkey's? They were so cute, and look how nice they were to stop and pose for me.

I'm sad I didn't get more pictures, but dont worry. I got a new scary camera for my birthday that I'm not sure how to use yet. I'm gonna take some lessons, so I think I have a new hobby. WOOT! (Don't worry, I won't pretend to be a professional for AT LEAST two weeks. Ha ha ha! No, this will strictly be a hobby thing for me. But I'm SO EXCITED!!!) Thank you to my in-laws for such a fun trip! It's always a good time with you guys and I can't wait till next year when Joleen, Lisa, and I show up all you "experienced" wakeboarders. Yeah, you heard.

Better late than never...

So I have been a big time slacker and not posted our get-together for the month of August. I am qiute obviously bad at taking the time to update my blog, and most of the time it only happens when we have these monthly shindigs. So I will try to get better not only at posting things on time, but mixing it up a little in between as well. So....

Cute little Britt had the month of August. Here are a few things I love about her:
We were on drill team together and she was so much fun! The memories I have from our senior year of drill together are too many to post. Drill was one of the best and most fun times for me, and I am so glad that I got to know Britt better by being on a team together. She was even her perky self at the 6 am practices we had every morning. She is such a good sport, and always has a good attitude about everything. She is a hardworker and always willing to help out with anything. She has always been so cute, but she is one of those people I love to hate because she just keeps getting cuter and cuter everytime you see her. I want to slap her because she was still so cute and little after having Treyvan. What a snotface. She is the sweetest mom and watching her with her son is so crazy to me. She is so adorable with him and he is just this little man. I love it. It's been so good to see you every month Britt, and I'm so glad that we can be friends!

She decided that since it was so close to Sheena's due date, that she would throw her a baby shower at her mom's house. It was so nice of her mom to let all us crazy girls come and invade her home for a couple of hours. It was kinda funny, because a lot of people forgot that her parents moved, so they showed up at Britt's old house she lived in when we went to highschool. Ha ha, what losers....So by the time everyone found the RIGHT house, she had some yummy food for us all to eat and we all gathered downstairs to chat and stuff our faces. A couple of the people who have kiddies brought them along (Natalie, Luke was very missed, that kid needs his own Nickelodeon show or something) and it was so fun taking pictures of all the little ones. This made me feel like a real adult, at a real grown up party lining up all the kids and the moms standing behind the cameras making fools out of themselves to get their kids to smile! It was pretty hilarious. Then we opened gifts and played some games. Even though we weren't as cooperative as Britt would have liked, I'm sure. :) The best thing of the whole night was the fact that Meg brought her gift in this huge bag that had an eagle on it. Who brings a gift to a little girl baby shower with a huge eagle flight scene on it? Meg.....Meg does. We were dying laughing. Oh, what would we do without you Meg? The night ended with us on her mom's living room floor and stairway just chattin away about life. It was such a fun night and I'm so glad to have these girls in my life. Thanks Britt!!