Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tori Spelling is my HOMEGIRL

Oh yes, you heard right.

Believe it. Embrace it. LOVE it. Make out with it even.

Cuz I don't care what you say, girlfriend is HILARIOUS. Her whole family is. I know because I watch THIS show.


I know it's a good possibility some (all) of you just threw up in your mouths a little. Maybe even had a little dry heave action? But I'm telling you, this show will change your mind (life). I have tried to convince many, but people really hate her don't they? I mean, HATE her. I even tried to get my sister in law Beth to watch it, and she was all, uh - new thanks. Tori = vomit. And you know, I was there once too. But you guys - you just gotta get to KNOW her, you know, like I do.

She even does bagel boobs, and I don't care who you are, that's good TV.

My friends Talisia and Kelly even love it. And if the GRAND POOBA loves it, well then.....there you have it. Talisia and I have decided that if she were an animal, it would be a cow. Not Kelly, but Tori. You know how everyone looks like an animal? Tell me she isn't a COW?

Are we right, or are we right???

SIDE NOTE: I once told someone they looked like a bear. And it was a girl. And it didn't go over well. Word to the wise - keep animal look alike comments to yourself.

Just look at this cute family. Seriously, rent the first season and push through the short haired pigtails. If you can get over the pigtails (and you can) you will love it. Dean is hilarious. And they are the cutest dang parents ever. She has such a sweet little paranoid heart, she cries at everything, and he does movies like Santa Baby 2. You CANNOT go wrong. She also has 2 books (thumbs up), a baby clothing line (eh), and a jewelry line (which actually ROCKS). (I like parentheses)

Also, Liam has a rat tail. I need to warn you of this. So I guess put aside ALL hair mishaps, and then all will be well.

Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Posts like these are what happens if you all (my sister) want updates more often. Don't say I didn't warn you.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the CHOPPING block...

Yep. It's happening. I'm officially CHOPPING my hair off.

No. Don't argue with me. What's done is done peeps. Because THIS here picture, might as well be me. And I think we can all agree....

...that it is NEVER okay to have your hair double as a blanket. It's pretty much illegal.

Unless of course you're Nicole Richie, then you might actually need a 24/7 blanket. I'm only KIDDING. You know she doesn't look like that any more....shame on you. I actually quite like me some Miss Richie. In truth, I may or may not have a hair crush on her.

Seriously, her hair is my boyfriend. (not to be confused with my other boyfriend, Walmart. But only the one on 114th South. I don't get around or anything)

And I might as well marry this hairdo - I love it that much.

Also, I might have a style crush on her..... No, I do. I'll just say it.

But this post isn't about Nicole Richie. It's about me WHACKING my hair off. TODAY. I'm thinking something like this?

Or this? Er, wait. No. I'd be straight up HID.

Get yerself ready folks, there's no going back. Except that there is. With extensions. And the fact that I'm not chopping it off. I'm only cutting about 4 or so inches. And sadly, that still leaves me with an insane amount of hair. Husband thinks he's 'forbid' me to cut my hair, isn't that cute? I'm pretty sure I traumatized him right after we got married and I cut my hair to a short asymmetrical do. He of course SAID he liked it. But really, to see his reaction when I say I'm cutting my hair, leads me to believe he may not have been a fan. I think he's worried that this time I'll come home with this.

And she may be one of the very few who could still look GORGEOUS and feminine with no hair. Rude.

Eventually I WILL get rid of it. But by virtually everyone I know, I've been vetoed.

For now.