Thursday, September 2, 2010

So.....hey there.

It's been what, 200 years since I last posted something? Gosh, I'm such a rebel. I know everyone is just DYING to hear from me again, right? Er, maybe no one will even see that I've updated this bad boy because no one knows I'm even still ALIVE......
So much has happenend in said 200 years! SO MUCH. Seriously, hold on to your hair cause I'm about to blow your mind. The biggest thing, I'm pretty sure, is that I've gone and gotten crafty on your...self.
Yeah. Believe it.
In fact I'm probably craftier than like, 12% of Utah girls between the ages of 18-35 right now. Not even kidding. This should tell you just how much things have changed round here...
I know right?!?! PEOPLE! Well, person really. It's sayin alot though, I mean not too long ago I couldn't even sew on a button, and now this. I think it needs to be said - I'm a super quick learner.

Now, here's where it gets awesome. I'M FIVE MONTHS ALONG. Yep. Having ourselves a little dude at that.

See? Isn't he presh?

He even has toes! TOES!

So it took me so long to announce because a lot has happened to get us to this point and I think it goes without saying that we could not be more excited. If I knew how, I'd be inserting at least5 jillion emoticons right now. We're having a baby!!! We must look at each other about 73 times a night and remind oursleves that we will be having a son. A real live baby boy that we get to bring home and sniff all we want.

I was told by a certain someone that is not my sister but actually is, that I don't love my baby until I make it blog and/or facebook official. So, I think it's pretty safe to say that I most likely love my child. It's still iffy because facebook has yet to be informed, but crazier thing have been known to happen. Crazier things, people.

SO, certain someone......PROOF.