Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did somebody say Brian Freidman?

****UPDATE: once upon a time all 3 links worked, but apparently only the 2nd one is still available (for now anyway) A for effort??? :(

Why yes! Yes they did. And here I thought he'd never be back after the fued between him and Tyce Diorio(oh no he didn't) on season ONE of So You Think You Can Dance...
And here we are in season 5.

It shocked my pants off (but made me delighted) when I saw his signature 'DO that could rival Justin Timberlake pre-2004 (and more so Justin Guarini in these pics), was no more.

when all else fails, straighten it?

And while I don't want to marry him like I do Mia Michaels, he DID NOT DISAPPOINT - what with his plunging neckline on his man sweater, that 'Eff It' attitude, and an outfit that I'm pretty sure was inspired by Peter Pan . Oh Brian, we've missed you....

Oh yeah, and his dance KILLED it. (I was gonna be all 'with it' and post the video, but I'm blog stupid and can't quite conquer something so official yet...) so here's the DANCE with my super fancy

Oh what? What you want another one??? Okay.....

........... LINK(i LOVE this dance)

That's not enough, you say? Well then here's dessert.

Yer welcome.

*Nobody even clicked on those did they? Sadders.