Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look what I made!

This guy!

Shut up, right?! He's so cute!

His name is Nash, and he is delicious (just thought you should know). He came 2 weeks early, on account of my massive body.



For realsie reals. Not only was i measuring 593 weeks pregnant (or 41, it's the same, I'm sure of it), but I had an unimaginable amount of water weight happening. Holy elephantitis. I could not even put on my own pants at the end there. Sexy.

But it was all worth it! We kinda like him.

Here's a lil' taste of his awesomeness.

This is him after his first bath at home. He no likey.

But he LOVES to stretch out.

Like, all the time. (can you EVEN handle that wrinkly knee??)

Frog legs on a frog bath sponge. He's such a jokester, that one.

We are IN LOVE with this kid. A whole lotta.
I kiss him all day long. And, of course there's a lot of sniffing happening to.

Babies just smell good, guys.