Friday, December 18, 2009

Cuz she don't got no blog

And I thought you all might like to see the creature previously discussed, no?

His name is Beckham. Isn't he scrumsh?

The people who get to claim him: our best friends.

7 lbs 3 oz
20 in
(exactly what his daddy guessed he would be)

This is Talisia right after giving birth. You would never guess that she had a bit of a rough go of it would you? (i'm SO english right now)

and him. He couldn't stop staring. and COOING.
and taking pictures on his phone when holding him.
it's a reaction I've never seen from him before.
and it was adorable.

I'm pretty positive he's thinking about his aunt annie and all the things we will do together.

He totally is.
That, or he's thinking about his awesome future wife (my awesome future daughter, naturally) and how awesome the future is gonna be.
(what will it be? AWESOME)
Ah, babies.

I should probably get me one of those.