Monday, March 31, 2008

Brooke's House!!!

This is me and some of my bestest friends. I think every month I'm going to post about our party and the host. I'm trying to get creative here, when not a whole lot happens in my life on a daily basis! This month our get together was at Brooke's house and although she is not in this picture, I just wanna say some things I love about her...

She is so beautiful, but so laid back! She can burp and hang out in pajamas (it was the theme of our party...not burping, but pj's) and pig out. She's totally obsessed with sports. She gets so into the games and will sit down and talk about all the players and their positions with all the men. She is totally a career woman, and has worked hard to get there. I love the laughing contests we would do laying on my bed in Hawaii, and going skydiving with her and her crazy sis and cousins! I'll never forget our gym time on campus either ;) So much fun. She is always someone you can count on for fun and at the same time you can confide in her about anything. I have so many memories with you Brooke and most of them are hilarious. You are the best! Thanks for being such a good friend, and hosting such a fun party!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

K, so I was tagged by Shandra to do 7 random facts about yourself, and then tagged by Lindsey to do 50, so here goes. I feel so special, my first TAG! (it has come to this, getting tagged excites me more than you know...)

1. I am 22 years older than my youngest sibling (stole that one from Heather)

2. I am completely obsessed with dancing. I love watching someone amazing dance. I am addicted to the show So You Think You Can Dance (my friend from drill team might actual be on it this year but she can't tell...those dang contracts) When I used to be able to dance, it was the best stress reliever, the biggest outlet, and the best workout. I get chills and even teary when I am particularly touched by a dance. "The Bench Routine" with Travis anyone? Mia Michaels is the most amazing choreographer. My biggest regret is not sticking with it when I was younger. I was in 4th grade and in a company at my dance studio with high school girls. I was all intimidated because they wore sports bras and had boyfriends. I could have been really good if I would have stuck with it, but I quit because I felt all young and awkward... Anyways.....see what I mean about obsessed?

3. I have flinstone feet (all my toes are the same length...seriously)

4. I was a student at the Anne Frank Elementary School in Holland when I lived there. I have also been to her house.

5. I'm kinda artsy fartsy. I love painting (I'm not good at it), music, plays, doing other peoples makeup, reading, photography, doing hair, designing clothes, interior decorating, etc. Anything with beauty. However I am not crafty. I don't do crafts.

6. I don't love candy. I wish I did, so maybe it would replace my love for chips....

7. I have always wanted to have a good voice (no such luck) and after hearing someone sing well, I always think I can too. I try it out and am so let down.

8. I have absolutely NO road rage. Traffic? Who cares. Bad drivers? Eh. But I am a super cautious driver. I am the person who looks left, right, left again, and then right again.

9. I love road trips.

10. I am really attached to my pillow. It goes on any trip, downstairs with me to watch TV, in the car (only on road trips, I'm not THAT weird) It's my security I guess

11. I have been in a little canoe on the Zambezi River with alligators, parannah (so not the right spelling), hippos, and other such creatures in the murky water. Our hotel was a 3 walled room on stilts actually on the river so it's the only way to get there. So cool. So scary. Especially when the guide tells us that 7 villagers had been taken by alligators recently and had to keep tapping on the canoe so the hippos wouldn't think we were an alligator and come chomp our boat in half. Literally.

12. I am terrified of sharks. However, if there is a TV show on about them, I cant not watch.

13. I can handle blood and guts, like watching a surgery on TV, but it makes me weak to even think about a broken bone. Oh my gosh, I'm nauseated just talking about it. Bones where they shouldn't be are NOT OKAY

14. I have been skydiving (Hawaii) and scuba diving (Mexico). Both were so much fun!

15. I don't love flowers. I've gotten better though. I do like it when I get one randomly for no reason, I think that's cute. But for a special occasion? Nah. They are expensive and die and really don't take much thought. My husband gets me them anyways. I like that he doesn't listen to me because he feels bad if I get no flowers on Valentines with everyone else. But it's always only a single flower so that I know he didn't spend lots-o-cash. Love him.

16. Someday my friend Talisia and I want to have a wedding planning business. But we have to somehow make people let us choose everything for them...hmmm. Right down to the hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, flowers, tuxes, cake....everything. Not gonna happen huh? But we would create the most amazing weddings! I work with a girl who is having her reception in a hangar (her in-laws own it and old WWII planes) I told her she needed to let me plan her a 40's wedding. How AWESOME would that be in a hangar?!? And they are leaving in a plane and everything....I dream about things like this. So much fun...

17. I used to want to be a criminal psychologist for the FBI.

18. I like to listen to people. I want to know everything about everyone I know. I guess it goes with being a hair dresser! I'm used to people telling me their life stories!

19. I love animals. I can't watch them get hurt. Like the movie I Am Legend....can't see it cause I know the dog dies in it and I would be a wreck! I'm such a dork.

20. My dad has instilled in me a love for traveling. I am lucky enough to have been to Europe 3 times (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, and more), Africa twice (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia), Mexico, and Honduras. Africa the first time was a Safari, and by far the coolest trip I have ever taken. I have pet baby lion cubs, seen a wild lion feeding, and had a lion right next to the car! Also had a leopard a few feet from our jeep. My dad had an elephant attack their vehicle and try to tip it over. I have eaten Warthog, Alligator, Ostrich, and Gemsbuck. One night at camp in the middle of nowhere a Giraffe broke through the electric fence and ran through our camp. I could go on and on with stories. I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to experience the world and other cultures and lifestyles. It's made me who am I am today.

21. I have lived in Seattle, Utah, Holland, and Hawaii.

22. I'm not really a diamond person. Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous, but I just don't have a thing for them like most women. My diamond is small, but special because my hubby got it on his mission in South Africa and had it to give to his wife all that time. So special. But had it not been for that, I'd totally wear a CZ.

23. Someday I hope to be in shape enough to run a marathon (against my physical therapists advice because of my bad knees) Linds, you are my inspiration for this!

24. I'm trying to change my lifestyle so that it will be what I want it to be when I have kids. By this I mean eating healthier, exercising, learning to cook(it's scary how little I know) and being more proactive and organized. I really want to be the best mom in the world and be active with my kids and be able to provide the best life I can for them.

25. holy crap I'm only on 25

26. I am a night owl. I could stay up all night and sleep in forever! However I have been forced to become a morning person due to my work schedule that starts by leaving the house by 6:30. Yucky

27. This would be the reason I wear a lot of hats. It's not because I think they are cute (although some are) they are just easy. And this works for me at 5:30 in the morning.

28. I have a very diverse group of friends. We all come from such different walks of life, but I love it. I love all of them and want to thank them for being so great! See you all tomorrow!

29. I don't like yogurt. I try all the time hoping that it will magically be delicious this time around, but nope. I think it so gross

30. I have moved 5 times in the 3 years I have been married.

31. I can't stand long nails. I tried a couple of times to be dainty and get acrylics, but nope. Can't do it. It just feels wrong on me.

32. I hate lotion. (I know, I know, quiet down everyone) especially scented lotion. It feels greasy and slimy and just sits on top of my skin and never absorbs. I'm hoping this means I'm super cool and am already hydrated to perfection :)

33. I love my bed! It's so comfortable and warm, and sounds delicious to me right now.

34. I wish a was half/half. Like, half black, half white. Or half something-really-exotic-looking half something-else-really-exotic-looking

35. I wish I could play the piano

36. I love Harry Potter....

37. I fully expect to see The Second Coming in my lifetime.

38. My husband proposed to me the first time at a police station. Long story but his friends dad is the Sheriff of Salt Lake and I was fingerprinted and everything. It was totally believable at first too because it had to do with my purse getting stolen and them thinking they found who stole it and whatnot. They tried interrogating me saying I was in on it and he made phone calls yelling at people and buzzed "the prisoner in" and everything. I was shaking I was so scared and mad. It didn't end well, but not because of the way he proposed :( I just wasn't ready.

39. I have an addiction to tacky jewelry, sunglasses, purses, and shoes. Go big or go home applies to all...

40. My sister split my head open when I was little with a metal rake. What a ho (hee hee, rake...hoe....)

41. I fell sorry for Britney Spears. I'd be insane too if I had her life and the people in it

42. I really want a Bulldog, but my husbands a buttface and won't let me have one. "One dog is enough" apparently

43. I have an addiction to gossip magazines. It's so stupid, but so entertaining

44. I am the "Golden Child" in my family. It's true, they love me more.

45. I feel so lucky to have the husband I do. He is amazing in every way, and although we are very different, we are very much in love. He brought me two dead roses on our first date because he knew I wasn't a flower person. How funny is that? He just has such a sweet, tender heart and would kill me if he knew I was writing that! He just always works so hard and does so much for me. He loves his family and I know he will make the BEST dad someday. Kids flock to him, I swear. He is just amazing, love you babe!

46. I have horrid posture. I could look so much better if my boobs weren't on my lap from slouching. It literally hurts me to stand up straight. Not good

47. I can't watch the news. It gives me anxiety and makes me think the world is going to hell (which it is) I know I should be informed, but I'd rather not be.

48. I love the movie Juno. Who doesn't? It's such a good mix of things. Funny and serious. Love that show

49. I am directionless. I need a navigation system just to lead me back home from the grocery store. It's pretty bad

50. I am so tired because it's 1 am and I have to work tomorrow.

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I tag Haley, Brittany, Dell, Jess, Brooke, and Beth. Snap to it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter ! ! !

I don't have kids of my own to blog about yet, so my little brother and sister will work just fine for now! Ethan and Ivy are so much fun! They love to take pictures of "silly faces" (hence the pictures) It could entertain them for hours. We did a big Easter egg hunt at my Dad's house and it's always so much fun! We do our egg hunt a bit differently, not only are there eggs filled with candy but there are a lot of "golden" eggs that have a piece of paper in it, telling you which prize you got. There are all sorts of prizes that you can win. I was lucky enough to win a $50 movie card! Woo hoo! Kevin won some sparkling cider, a frizbee, and LOTS of candy of course. Ethan was so excited because he won the Tiki basket which included lots of toys and enough candy to last him till next year! He told me before we did the hunt that if I won the Tiki basket I needed to give him the stuffed animal shark in there so it wouldn't scare me. What a con man! I was really rooting for the white Orchid plant too, but my grandma stoll it right out from under me.....oh well I guess I forgive her....There were also kites and movies and huge packages of gum and other things. We also had a yummy brunch of German pancakes, ham, quiche's, cinnamon cake, and all the fruit you can eat! We had an awesome time, thanks for putting in all the effort that you did Dad and Shelene! Love you guys!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picture I came across...

This is a picture of me a while back in Honduras. I went with a group my Dad goes with to do some humanitarian work. It's made up mostly of medical people, but there were a few of us who went to help build a library at one of the many orphanages there. It was an amazing experience. This particular picture tears at my heart. When I first saw this little girl she was sitting on the floor, bawling hysterically and no one could calm her down. No one was even trying. She just stared up at me with her running nose and her her terrified, big brown eyes, crying and crying. I found out that her mother dropped her off at the orphanage 3 days before I took this picture. She hadn't eaten in those 3 days because she was still breast feeding when her mom left her, and refused to eat what they could offer her. I couldn't stand just watching her cry and having no one to hug her and make everything "all better". I scooped her in my arms and tried rocking her and cooing and all the things you do when children cry. Nothing would calm her down. Tears were just pouring down my face because I couldn't help this innocent little girl with no future ahead of her but this orphanage. (Adoption is illegal in Honduras, so she will never know what it is to have a loving home with a Mom and a Dad). I walked her outside and rocked her but she was still just sobbing. I suddenly felt the need to sing "I Am a Child of God" to her. I started singing and in about 10 seconds she stopped crying and just looked up at me and touched my face. I kept singing/crying until she fell asleep in my arms. The words to that song have never meant so much to me as they did in that moment.

Monday, March 17, 2008

You know you see it...

So Kevin thinks I'm insane for putting this on my blog, but I'm a little post happy at the moment. And I thought this was funny. Talisia and I were sitting watching TV and we had play-doe for a bachelorette game, and we were molding it trying to see "what we could see" after just squishing it. (don't you judge me....) Tell me you don't see a cartoon dog.

80's Night!!!

So I pretty much look amazing in this picture. Ha ha. It was Kira's month to host our friend get togethers, and she chose to do an 80's night. She did such a good job and went all out for this! It was a blast. These are about half the girls that were there that night, I don't have a pic of us all :( Thanks Kira for such a fun night. ( Didn't really realize I was groping Kira....) You can't really tell in this picture, but I have a sweet side pony and some awesome ringlet bangs. I seriously adore my friends. How nerdy are we?

Holy crap, I'm a blogger!!

Everyone always says this when they just start a blog, but I seriously have no idea what I'm doing! So this might royally suck for quite some time, but give me a minute and hopefully I can "cool" it up...I just want to be a blogger people.....