Sunday, September 27, 2009

26 years and 11 days ANGEL was born...


Ha. No, but seriously, I was born then.

September 16th y'all. Mark it in your calendars....

Ok. I know your SO OVER my silly face pictures. And if I was cool, I'd be all "me too! who does those anymore?!" But guys, I am not cool. I'm Mayor of Nerdville and Gov'ner of Uh Oh, Your A Nerd. (Hi, watch Harry Potter nearly every night, remember??? Point proven) And plus, it was MY birthday, so you have to suffer through whatever I want you yeah.

We even went to Pirate Island in Provo. NO, I will not shut up. You shut up. We really went there! My dad took us all there for mine and Kevin's birthdays. His is tomorrow - a post on him later - be excited. Anyways, I actually requested this place. And Kevin was all - why couldn't I have married someone normal? And I was all babe, normal is nowhere in your future - get used to it.

It was an hour and a half wait. Seriously. So we got bored and to entertain the kids we started making crazy face pictures (always a hit). Then it just rolled over and I made everyone who was there waiting (minus Heather & Dan & Co. - they were smart and went and ran errands) make crazy face pictures with me. And they couldn't even complain! Birthday privileges....

Here is the aftermath.....apparently you should never leave me bored with a camera.

Me and the sis, Ivy.
Since Heather wasn't there, I included this random, sorta silly face pic of her. I wouldn't want her to feel left out now would I?

I know she isn't doing a silly face, but she is just so cute....

Me and the Gramps. He's 82 years people. He even competes in the senior Olympics. He's a runner. And a stunner. AND he entered a sculpture he did back in college into the state fair this year and won first place! Love this man.

We don't take our silly faces lightly, Steve and I. As is demonstrated here.... (could we look ANY uglier???)

And here....

And here....(why I would subject you to this picture of me I don't know. But please excuse my RUDE of them to intrude on this otherwise awesome picture....if you don't give them any attention, they'll usually give up and go home.)

The Granny. Is she not the DANG CUTEST THING???

I'm scared of MYSELF in this picture.

Shelene, me, and the Daddy-O.

My other brother Austin

When my mom took me out to lunch and shopping the next day, I made her participate as well. Again, I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. (and just to clear it up, her face and neck were not 2 different colors in real life - we were laughing about this forever)

Isn't she a sassy pants? I had to put a reg. picture of her in here just so you could see her cute self.

Well, there you have it. My birthday - one ugly face at a time. I'm sorry, but this was the best I could muster!! Forgive me! Blogging and I are not friends right now.

And I'm starting to see I only have about 3 faces. I need to mix things up in the future, no? You're hoping your future doesn't include my crazy face pics aren't you? Well, ok, that's fair. But I can't promise anything....