Sunday, June 29, 2008

Haley's month!

So Haley (in the orange shirt) had the month of June. She just recently moved into their new home they built (which by the way, is amazing) and was kind enough to let us all come over and hang out! A few of us were out of town, and a few had already left, so this is a pic of most who came. So, a little bit about Haley...

Ah, nurse Haley. She is one of the funniest girls. She is also one of the smartest, so smart, in fact, that she is a nusre at Primary Chilren's Hospital in the Infant Medical Surgical Unit. This is why she is named The Mother of our group of friends, she is always taking care of everyone. She is also a gutsy girl. She will pick up a spider (huge, hairy ones) and let them outside. She will also simply smash them with her bare hand...She was my parnter in crime in our cheering days, and we had one bad A stunt group. We used to do skits for people and we did a mean "Britney Spears". You missed out if you never witnessed it :) She made camp, Nationals, Mac's, Ashley's cheer group, practices, etc., so much fun! Anytime I hear a Goo Goo Dolls song, see an episode of The Simpson's, or order Wendy's chicken nuggets with honey mustard, I always think of her. While all of us were hanging posters of Nick Lachey (ok never him, but you know) she was hanging them of Bryan Russell. She's allergic to everything under the sun, and raises her hand to speak in most situations. We had some of our less finer moments at The Bay, and most school dances...We had sleepovers, took road trips (St. George, Vegas, Mesquite, San Diego to name a few), I don't even know how many times we've been to California together, had Honors English together...We learned to drive a stick together, and then I totaled my car and had Quazimoto face...nice. She has like, a size 20 waist (or some other ridiculously small number) AND has had a child. She is the most giving person, and I know I could talk to to her about anything. She is such a great person and I know that without her things just wouldn't be the same. She makes me laugh so hard and she always sticks to what she believes in. (This is starting to sound like a husband tag isn't it?) Anyways, love ya Haley and thanks for such a fun night on Thursday!!

Tori, Sheena, and Cassi
Talisia and Haley's little Ava
Me and Miss Haley
One of many of Haley's talents...

Monday, June 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things lately...

* Kellogs Cracklin' Oats looks like dog food, but tastes like heaven. Try it and thank me later

* Blue October's CD, Foiled.

* Twitchington

* The Twilight Series (again...)

* My new highlights, thanks T.

* Urban Decay's eye makeup wand (your makeup stays on all day, and never creases....score)

* Fiber One bars

* Pineapple Liplicious from Bath and Body Works

* Forcing myself to's a great feeling when I'm done.

* My new primary class....they be crazy, but they be cute.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My wife is going to be shocked

Well, I told myself and everyone around me I would never do this. But I read the Husband tag and had to suprise my lovely lady.
I want my wife to know how special she is to me, She really is the world to me. I have never met someone who cares so much for everyone around here, including animals! I know I am aweful at describing my feelings, but I hope she knows that she is my Best Friend, my support and most importantly my eternal partner! ( I still can't believe I am posting something on a blog)
I love you honey! I always will. I hope this is a pleasant suprise for you knowing my disgust for the blogging. I could not ask for more from you! I am so lucky to have you as my wife!
And I need to set something straight. There has been alot of things on this blog and my sisters blog that call me "Sensitive". I am not sensitive, I am the exact opposite and don't you forget it!
Love you babe!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doggy BBQ anyone?

So this was a minute ago, but we had some friends over for a BBQ in our backyard and it was SO fun. Everyone ended up bringing their dogs as well. It was pretty much a zoo. This is Kelly with her Great Dane Dozer and her Mastiff (he's hiding) Bane. These dogs are HUGE! I love it. Bane weighs in at 170 pounds. My little 11 pound Jack Russell Zeus scares the poo out of em.
Brandon and Talisia with their 2 boxers Jada and Koda. Best dogs ever.
T, me, and Kelly. Such a fun night. We sat and talked and listened to some Jack Johnson and ate some nummy food from our new favorite place Harmons. The men played frisbee with the dogs. Then I forced everyone to play Mexican Train, and they secretly loved every minute of it....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got Hubby Tagged

So cute Calli tagged me to answer 25 ?'s about my man. So here goes...

1. What is his name? Kevin David Harper

2. Who eats more? Aw shiz, well before I would plead the 5th. Now, him. WOO WOO

3. Who said "I love you" first? Oh, he did fo sho. I actually pulled the "thanks" card and didn't say it back for like, evah. (I'm so ganster right now....)

4. Who is taller? He is 6'4", which I LOVE. I like me a tall man. And I'm 5'7".

5. Who is smarter? Hmmm, it really depends. To be honest, we're both geniuses (ha) but we're smart in different ways. So take that.

6. Who is more sensitive? He is. He's got a big heart, and sometimes I have to search for mine, so he gets his feel goods hurt more often. But I love kitties and mini things, where he does not. I don't know, maybe we're even.

7. Who does the laundry? Ya'll, he does. I KNOW. In my defense, I work 2 jobs, so most of the time he just has it done by the time I stroll in at 10 or later at night. And even when I try to do it, he's all "no, I'll do it babe, I know you're tired", and when I try to say, "no honey, it's fine, I am fully capable of helping with laundry" he just takes it out of my hands and tells me to go sit down and relax. Again, I KNOW.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Who would even care to know that? But I'll answer for the sake of the post. Are you Crazy eh?

9. Who pays the bills? My big strong man. He pays them online when he's at work. But we have seperate accounts, his account pays for the mortgage and cars, mine pays for everything else. Utilities, gas, groceries, my booth rent, tithing, you name it. It works perfectly.

10. Who cooks more? Okay, you all are gonna think I'm like, an invalid or something. I promise our marriage is equal...ish. But he totally cooks. I'm like, the least domestic person on the planet and I have no skill in the kitchen. If I cooked, we'd probably be dead by now. And some of you think I'm kidding. Well, come over for a meal I cook sometime. It'll make you a believer. HOWEVER, I am trying to learn....

11. What meals do you cook together? And....refer to previous answer. No cooky for Annie

12. Who is more stubborn? Oh, this is a good one. We are both pretty stubborn, just about different things. If I say I 'm gonna do something, you better believe I'm doin it, and at a certain point, probably just to spite you. And he can NEVER admit he's wrong.

13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? And...refer to previous answer. I'll admit I'm wrong, I'm just not wrong very often....

14. Who has more siblings? He has 3, 2 brothers and a sis. I have 1 brother, 1 sister, 1 half brother, 1 half sister, 1 step-sister, 3 step brothers, and a partrich in a pear tree.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both kinda have one leg in.

16. What do you like to do together? Boating and camping in the summer. He wakeboards, and I attempt. We LOVE to travel. In the winter we love snowmobiling up at Daniel's Summit. We love road trips and penny machines in Vegas. We like to try new places to eat. We love watching our shows together. Just being together in general.

17. Who eats more sweets? Hands down he does. He's a sugar whore! I like salty things, but anything sour, chewy, sweet, or gummy he's there.

18. Guilty pleasures? He loves energy drinks. The kind that have the warning on the can that tell you you shouldn't drink it unless you want to die. Loves em. Also he is a golfer now. He has like, shirts and stuff especially for golf. He also loves himself a good old triple cheesburger and fries with a biggy coke. And burping after downing it. It's super sexy.

19. How did you meet? My friend Talisia and his friend Brandon were dating (now they are married). They set us up on a blind date. So much fun. I had him from "hello" :)

20. Who asked out who first? ........

21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me. It's quite a funny story that I will never share...

22. Who proposed? Yeah, about that....He propsed the first time.....and the second...and the third. Ha, just kidding, there was no third. But the rest is true. The first was in a police station interrogation room while in handcuffs (it's a long story) A year later when I accepted was in Paris on the Eiffel Tower. I KNOW.

23. His best features? Oh, he has so many. I LOVE his crooked smile. He's got some FABULOUS arms. His tallness. His laugh (is that a feature, not really huh?) And his cute butt, it's my fav (sorry Joleen)

24. What is his greatest quality? Again, he has so many. He is always making sure I am taken care of. He is 110% a family man. He loves kids. Loves them. He's SO hardworking. He cannot just sit. There is always something feels he could be doing. He enjoys housework and mowing the lawn and washing the cars. He's just the best.

25. Tag? Uh, I tag Heather, Sheena, and Katie. And whoever else wants to do it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Party Hardy!

So my cute friend Sara had the month of May to host our little get together. She is the one in the middle sportin the pink pants. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this time, which I'm very sad about, and this is only a few of the girls there. It's the only picture I had of Sara though, and I wanted to post one of her. I decided I would do a little diddy on each person who hosts, so here goes...

Sara and I go WAY back. Like, 2nd grade. That's what, 17 years ago? She and I have so many memories. We used to take baths together (in our swimsuits, i-eet). We would get together on snow days and play, her dad would drop her off on their snowmobile, and we would spend hours outside doing whatever. Then we would come inside and without fail, there would always be donuts and hot chocolate waiting for us. We danced together, we borrowed each others clothes, went through having braces together, we had many a sleepover. Whenever we would go to her house her cute grandma would always be doing SOMETHING for us. Her mom would make us food, and we would watch TV on her cool projector with the red, green, and blue lights. We made up some SWEET dances down there in her basement together! We were on drill together, infact, she's the one that convinced me to try out. She is the funnest person. She is beautiful, and always pointing out good things about people. If she thinks you are lookin hot or being funny, she'll be the first one to announce it to a crowd of people. She has such a kind heart. She loves dogs, dancing, cars, and metro men, and I love that about her! I'm so glad that we became friends, and have stayed that way for so long! Can't wait for the next 17 years Sara!!

Sheena (who's 6 months pregs), Tori, and Tara.
Miss Katie with her ADORABLE son Landon. This is like, the only time he cried. He was the BEST baby ever. He loves being in a crowd and the middle of the action!
Kira and me. Dang we're good lookin. :)

So our night consisted of yummy food that Sara's mom made us (she says she can't cook, so Becky offered) We had lasagna and salad and dessert after. Then everyone was supposed to bring pictures and videos of us all over the past years. It was SO much fun! Just to see us all when we were so young (and some not so long ago) being goofballs. Luckily Katie was always filming everything so we got to see how we were back in the day on just a regular Friday night. It was pretty hilarious. We were some crazy, creative, wierd girls I tell ya. We knew how to have some good old fashioned fun. You would DIE if you knew the stupid stuff we would get oursleves into. I LOVE my friends and I can't believe I am lucky enough to have 13 other girls that I adore so much. It goes against all the laws of women to have that many of us, and no drama. We are a one of a kind group I tell ya, and I love it.