Monday, June 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things lately...

* Kellogs Cracklin' Oats looks like dog food, but tastes like heaven. Try it and thank me later

* Blue October's CD, Foiled.

* Twitchington

* The Twilight Series (again...)

* My new highlights, thanks T.

* Urban Decay's eye makeup wand (your makeup stays on all day, and never creases....score)

* Fiber One bars

* Pineapple Liplicious from Bath and Body Works

* Forcing myself to's a great feeling when I'm done.

* My new primary class....they be crazy, but they be cute.


Natalie & Luke said...

Yea! I love that you are a nerd with me. Have you read the first chaper of the book yet? If not I can email it to you. :) oh I know its not going to go how I want it to.... Ugh. I'm still so excited for it.
Oh and i'm definitely going to Haley's. I'm excited to see you! And we can share some of our thoughts about the book. :)
By the way that post from your hubby is so cute! What a good guy.

Natalie & Luke said...

p.s. I too love Twitchington! Well more Twitch, he is my fav.

Karlee Turner said...

Fun post! I may have to copy you....And I am in love with Twitchington! They are my favorite! I'm also with you on the Fiber one bars and the running...gotta love em both!

The Lichtie Family said...

Sounds slightly odd, but I too love cereal of the Cracklin' Oat Bran variety. Yes, it does look like dog food - but it doesn't TASTE like dog food (believe you me, I've tried it). Sadly, I cannot eat it or my body will freak. Anywhoo...I must hear of this make-up that is superb. We'll chat tomorrow when I am in "the chair".

Heather said...

You can thank me for telling you about the eyeshadow primer. I cannot live without it! That cereal is SO yummy, glad you had me try it! I went and hunted it down. Yes Twitchington is my fav also, and we need to get tickets for the movie - even though I think they will ruin it. :(

Heather said...
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Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Want to know what one of my favorite things is? YOU! hehehehehe. Seriously tho, and your adorably-sweet-but-not-too-sensitive husband! Love you guys!

Jackson said...

I LOVE so you think you can dance!!! Running is also a love hate relationship, but I force myself to only think of the good:) Kyler's pics are adorable!! And I am just finishing Host, by Stephanie Myers, it's good also so you might want to try it! Now i want to try the fiber one bars and the cereal!

Beth said...

I too LOVE Twitchington!!! I also love Josh and that asian girl dunno her name?? I am so excited for tonight to watch it. You going to be home??

Running sucks huh! I hate it. I too have to force myself to do it and like you said you do feel so freakin good after your done. But everywhere in between sucks.

I just finished the third book! Yea!! And since I have so much down time now I was thinking of reading the first and second again?? I need something to take my mind off life and those books sure make that possiable.

Oh and funny Cracklin Oat Bran has been around FOREVER!! and you just know are tasting the craklin goodness!! I use to live on that stuff because it is so yummy to eat it straight out of the box without milk. Perfect snack.

Ed & Lindsey said...

Holla! for running!! Glad to hear it babe! Keep it up!! We could get together and run in August. :)

Heidi said...

I'm with you on the running... I love the way I feel, but hate it while I'm doing it, and it's nearly impossible to get me motivated to go! I also can sympathize with you on your primary class. Crazy kids! But so cute. What age do you teach? Do you and Kevin teach together?