Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

MEMORY LANE- This will be fun! This is just too fun to pass up. Here are the directions: 1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad, but be nice!!!!!!! 2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.


BrYcE & GeNtRy said...

I actually have a lot of favorite/funny memories...mostly random things...!

*849 EPT remember that!? he he

*Your old dog, I think his name was Toby??? He looked just like Lassie :) And he ate my sandals!

*Always trying your clothes on because I thought you had the BEST clothes ever!!!

*Just hanging out at your house-which I loved and I hated when you wanted to go to mine :)

*I remember when we were really young, playing in your basement when it was unfinished. You were playing with crutches and you tripped and fell on your chin. I don't remember if you had surgery or stitches but it was sad : (

*I remember dancing to Paula Abdul in your front room

*Your dad took us to Lake Powell after high school, it was so much fun and so nice of him. The best was everyone strippin' down when it was dark and going down the slide lol I have a picture of everyone laughing so hard lol

*I remember how funny you and Dellany always were together, you guys used to always say "It's an EmerGenCy"! lol I thought it was hilarious.

*Lastly, I thought you were such an amazing person and I always looked up to you. You were so hilarious and had the funniest personality!

K that's a ton and I probably filled up a whole page! But those just came to mind he he :)

Beth said...

So I am down with sushi whenever. I get off everyday at 5:00. You are the busy woman so whenever you have a free night let me know and we can cruise over to Ginza in Draper. After eating there you will be on a sushi kick too.

Natalie & Luke said...

One of my many memories of you was in high school you had a party at your house. And it was right after you pierced your belly button. I was so jealous cause you had the cutest jewelry so I had to go get one. Haha we were all crazy girls. I also remember doing Mac's with you, and amazed by your kick ass toe touches! glad I still get to see you now. :) speaking of that... When are we going on our date?

Shandi Brown said...
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Shandi Brown said...

oops, that was me above. Sorry, I thought I was on Heather's, so started writing her memory:)
I remember you always doing my hair and LOVING it!! You have always been so amazingly talented.
In fact I need to go to you and have you teach me how to do my hair, I am getting sick of it!
You woke up at like 5:00 AM to do my make up on my wedding day, and I still am so grateful to you and feel guilty I never thanked you well enough!!
I loved playing when we were young (sorry Heth) A lot of times I thought you were the funner sister:) I think Heth was a little too into gymnastics at the time.
And you always had mounds of the greatest clothes!!
Anyway, is was so much fun growing up with you and your awesome family! I love you guys.

Karlee Turner said...

What a fun post! Ok, so I remember doing a crazy Cleopatra video with you, Dell and Sara for the lovely Mrs. Val Cazier's class! We had quite the day over at your house filming this award winning project and I remember not really knowing you girls at this point and loving your craziness!

Vierra crew said...

I dont know if i can just do one mem of my dear love Annie! besides all the crazy ruckus I will have to say EFY... That was one of my fav weeks, lil oliver and finny.

Senior trip and Lake powell and vegas trips

Sluffing... going to my house and my mom would say you were a bad influence!

Adult Roles class... we did really nothing in that class. Me you and Stacey would lay on the floor and sleep during class. How did we get away with that???

I'm sure I will think of more!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Where do I even start? The first thing that comes to mind is nutella, when we first started hanging out I would always eat that at your house, I loved it.
Remember when we were too young to have fun at spring break but your mom would bring us down to St. George and we would do lame things like get to drive the car, listen to our lame music, and we always had a blast. Kendall, Mandy, love those girls. Your mom would also always take our fat butts to get taco bell and what not. We were some sexy beasts in middle school, we went to the mall and took all those pics, EW. I probably never would have escaped those bangs and glasses had it not be for your fashion savvy advice. Why did we always end up on the floor, always. Backstreet boys and Nsync NON stop. We entered highschool together and WOW, they never saw it coming! We never wore shoes. I miss that sometimes. We took on the whole administration and they had no choice but to give us credit for being more adult than all of them put together. We rescheduled EVERY single class our senior year so that we would have the exact same classes, I don't think I would have made it through that year with out you constantly by my side. Coach Lundstrom's english class, I kind of wish that emo 'I hate you because I think I know you' girl had stayed in that class, we could have changed her life, HAHA. Or hit her face, either way. All those kids in that class thought they hated us. But we forced our love on them and they loved it. When will he ever show us his tattoos?? Remember what he looked like when he got mad? Scary! I just laugh so hard when I think of the first day of his class and you told him, "um you sacre me" like out of no where, while he was talking, hehehe so funny, and from that point on, he too loved us unconditionally.
We spent some of the worst of times together, every time I listen to the song 'Angel' by Sara Mcwhatever her last name is, I think of you. But we also spent some of our best times together. Remember how we thought you might end up marrying Tremayne HAHAHAHA little did we know. I love you like you are my own flesh and blood Annie, and I knew it, I'm officially crying. I do everytime I think of us! EMILIO!!!! Mt. Dew, Gold fish, jamming out. The list just goes on and on. Do you remember the last day that we went to Jordan High School Penitentiary and we had to clean out that locker we shared for a whole year? It was stacked with all of our crap, it took loads and loads out to Emilio to clean it. Sickness! Your friendship has been one of the most precious things in my life. And I am SO grateful that I got to spend as much time with you as I did. I love your family too, I was treated like another member and I love them for it. There are SOOOO many memories I'm leaving out, but we know em. Remember your wedding day? I was so sick but I'm just so happy I made it, I remember asking you about it one time when you guys came to see me in the hospital because I was sure that I had missed it. What a nightmare. I still have yet to see your beautiful wedding pictures!
Do you remember our salon we created? Do you remember the house we designed that had both of our families connected by a hallway? That should still happen! Ok, now that this is probably too huge to even post I think I will be done! I love you so much! We should take off our shoes and go run around the mall in pj's ASAP.

The Lichtie Family said...

Well, mine's not as long as Delly's but I do have some great memories of you. Let's see:
-Sluffing school to go to Dee's and eating cheese fries and the California salad
-You smelling like teriyaki sauce during our graduation rehearsals because you went mystic tanning and didn't shower
-Going shopping with you and your mom to find a sweethearts dress that would hide the biggest hickey
-7th grade Singing for Fun class
-Looking for Delly when she went MIA senior year and watching you cry so many tears that you were probably dehydrated
-Going to the Bay and then sleeping at your mom's house...and eating Sconecutter Navajo tacos at 3 in the morning.

We were/are pretty crazy. Lame, yes...but crazy too!

Ed & Lindsey said...

I remember hanging out late at your house talking, playing piano, playing with your hair...just like you could be my little sis. :) Love ya!

michelle taggart said...

hey byuh roomie!! wow, i never thought i would find you ever again! how are you? brooke found me, so then i had to of course look you up. you have to tell me what's going on with you and your hubby. you look great, and hope to keep in touch. much love

BrYcE & GeNtRy said...

I know, I feel bad. I wanted you to do my hair but when you didn't respond I thought maybe you didn't want to. My wedding was so small and it was just a dinner, not a reception. I regret not inviting you, I just didn't think you would want to come to mine when I didn't go to yours...I hate myself for not going...and I'm sorry. : (

I've wanted to contact you for the longest time because I miss you but I thought you would be...bothered I guess.

Well we should definitely get together for dinner, with all of us! :) And catch up on old times, that would be very fun.

Ashlie said...

I remember when I used to practically live over at your house. We always used to play house in your basement. Your mom ordered us pizza one day and I thought it was so weird that you dipped it in ranch dressing. Now I can't eat my pizza without dressing. Oh...and when Heather's frog got out of its cage and we looked for it throughout your entire house. Whew...

Heather said...

There are WAY too many, since we grew up for what 22 years before I got married this could be WAY long but I'll stick to one. When we lived in Holland and we took that baby duck from the pond by our house and tried to keep it a secret in the bath tub, that did not last long! Ahaha and then Dad made us take it back and the Mom duck totally attacked you! You were running and screaming and it kept flying around your head and pecking at you!! Funny stuff.

Dad and Mom said...

Okay, so my first memory is of meeting you when Dylan was born. You came and sat in the waiting room and waited with us. The next is going to look for dresses with your Mom and I. We had so much fun and I got to know you better. The next would be the wedding dress, fittings, shopping, the getting it just right, etc. Lots of pressure there! My best, would be going to Disneyland in the car ride down and how much we laughed. You are such a fun, fun person to be around and such a great addition to the family! Remember yahtzee? I think I was the grand champion, j/k. Hawaii was another fun trip with great memories. Of course, doing my hair is another memory, nobody does it better! Love you lots!

brookeandruss said...

Oh there are so so many!!! I am going to have to go with when we got suspended from school from going to the beach on the dance company trip!!! I still can't believe that happened. I just remember how scared we were to get on that bus and everyone was staring us down. We are such rebels! Oh....and how can I forget when we got suspended from cheering and dancing at a football game because we toilet papered that girls house. Mrs. Swenson accused us of being terrorists and hazers. Wow! That woman was horrible!

I also loved our summer in Hawaii. Best of all our laughing contests on your bed and the lovely gym time we had together he he...too funny!

Erik and Lisa Harper said...

I have so many fun memories with you I dont know where to start. I love just hanging out and playing games with you and kevin at our house. Those were some of my favorites. Shopping with you is always a blast, you totally made my wardrobe better. I love just talking to you during the 4 hours it usually takes to do my hair. You are so much more than a sister in law to me, you are a great friend and i really miss being so close to you. By the way don't kill me but my hair was totally driving me crazy and I didn't know when we would be up again so I let Brooke do it. I promise though nobody will ever do it as good as you. Oh I also loved jumping off the waterfall in Hawaii with you since my husband was to much of a wimp. I love you girl. I hope all is well.

Corbridges said...

So many memories! Here’s a few of my Annie and me!

Bear Lake and the nakie fun on the playground and almost making it into the cold lake! I think you, Meg, and I just dropped our towels long enough to feel the cold air then we quickly wrapped ourselves with the hotel bed spreads! Although I do remember having the “novel” idea of getting on the spinning contraption on the playground, naked mind you, and have you guys spin me like crazy! I tried to keep my balance and myself modest, but gravity got the best of me and resulted in me falling and getting scraped up by the sand on the metal. You guys tried stopping the endless spinning, but I think you guys were laughing too hard to regain the composure to stop it!

Who can forget Lake Powell? Your sweet Dad taking loud and crazy high school girls to Lake Powell! I remember all of us singing and screaming to Brittany Spears on top of the house boat while the speakers blared throughout all of the lake! Then we had another nakie adventure off the house boat slide I still think one of my favorite memories of that trip was sitting around the camp fire and listening to your Dad play songs on the guitar. Then we’d listen and share spiritual stories together. I still remember that neat sprit that was felt on those nights

SB7! Car chases, sleepovers, disguised names for the girls, water balloon fiasco, masked girls in pajamas, Fabio cut out, toilet papering, and hyper girls!

Who could forget raspy voice “Penny”! That night that we hid under the cargo covering in my Mom’s Subaru, while eating cereal out of the box, and laughing so hard, but trying to be so quiet - so we didn’t get caught from the “Kyto Gang” that were out to get us!

Senior trip! You had a hottest bod! Those Las Vegas boys (“Rufio”) thought you were da’ bomb! In San Diego you did my hair so cute and put it all up in a high curly pony tail with a red and white bandana that matched my outfit! I felt so cute until our guy friends warned that the “bloods” would “fight me” because I was wearing a “gangsta” bandana! Then you assured me that they were being so stupid and I looked cute! You always make people feel secure and better!

BYU Hawaii!!! Matsumoto shaved ice, Piranha house, pig outs, bean and salsa tortillas, cakes on the beach, reading the Book of Mormon and learning so much from it, showing each other our…, the best roommates ever, spiritual discussions, the neatest institute class and teacher Courtney (her threats), sweating like crazy in the campus gym, fantasying about our future weddings, that weird surfer boy that would always show up, Josh (AHHHH), boys dropping by and pretending to be asleep so they could share our Sunday dinner with us, chocolate chip pancakes, your awesome English papers you’d write while we sat at the beach, 4th of July fireworks on the beach, Pearl Harbor, and the funnest summer with my favorite roomies!

My wedding hair!!! You came and we’re my “personal stylist” at my bridals! You made sure everything was in place! With your amazing skill you made me feel beautiful on the most important day of my life! You had to take an entire updo out (with all those bobby pins) and make it long and down for my reception in like 20 minutes!!!!

Thanks Annie for all the awesome memories and I look forward to so many more through the years!

Tiffany and Bill said...

A few memories that come to mind...
*hanging out at your house after school
*always being crazy jealous of how talented you are, hair, makeup, style, dance~~ pretty much everything!
*You always motivating me to go for it with Geoff. ha ha
*how hilarious you and Dell were together.. nothing made me laugh harder
I know Ive been a crappy friend and not keeping in touch with you and Dell, Im sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I have never stopped regreting, not going to your wedding and not having you at mine..