Monday, March 5, 2012



Get out your party hats, it's another "photo shoot". I have to put quotes around that because I can't stress enough the fact that I'm not a photographer. Remember?? Like if I could put that in red flashing lights, I would. Just because I own a DSLR doesn't mean I know what I'm doing, haha! It doesn't mean I don't have a blast doing it, cuz HOLY CRAP I do. I just like to pretend I'm lots of things. Just ask my husband...WOAH THERE! Too much?? I'm sorry for that. But it's ok to say if you're joking, right?

Wow, like 3 sentences in and I'm already completely off track. Ok. So I did actually do hair and makeup for a real live shoot with Blackbird Photography(woot!) and I'm excited to show them the crap off but I don't have those pics from the photographer yet. So in the mean time I'm posting these pictures I took of Talisia. I did her makeup, and honestly her hair doesn't even require doing. She has that hair where absolutely zero effort is needed to make it look good. She took it out of a braid, snapped some extension pieces in, and done. Yeah.

I will probably do a bunch of seperate posts to break up the pictures and the looks. Just.....pretend that's really exciting k? Also, we want these to be more creative versus your everyday pictures. It's just more fun that way :) I just pretend I'm taking pictures for a fashion magazine. Bahahaha! Right.
This was our "mod" look. On farm land. Just go with it.
Photobucket And yes, there is a big light burst on her face. But I loved this picture so I threw it in there because I'm nothing if not rebellious.
Photobucket It's like, doesn't everyone hug trees in their blazies and tights?? They do, I'm sure of it.

So there you have it, look numero uno. Just you wait, there are hats coming up. RUSSIAN HATS. GIGANTIC ANIMAL FUR RUSSIAN HATS. Oh sure. And they are AWESOME.

So who thinks I'm loonsville for doing these?

It's ok, even I think I'm weird for doing these. Ain't gon' stop me. Ain't nobody gon' keep ME down. (???) whaaaat is happening...things just come out. Sorry.


Jenn and Seth Phillips said...

OMG I love reading your posts, you make me laugh. I'm glad you decided to start blogging regularly because I look forward to your posts. You have the best sense of humor........ ever!! Oh and your friends hair color and cut in these pictures is exactly how I want mine when I come in next time, so if you can just make that happen, that would be soooooooooo great:)I'm kind of done being blonde for now. Is that creepy to copy her hair, oh well ;)

Katie Corbridge said...

PRETTY!!! When did my friends become cover models? HOLY COW! WOW! Andrea, you're a ROCKSTAR... or whatever you wanna be... stylist, hairdresser, photographer, writer, creative genius and just plain HILARIOUS (the comment about you becoming whatever you want and Kevin would know - love it, laughed my guts out)! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!