Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picture I came across...

This is a picture of me a while back in Honduras. I went with a group my Dad goes with to do some humanitarian work. It's made up mostly of medical people, but there were a few of us who went to help build a library at one of the many orphanages there. It was an amazing experience. This particular picture tears at my heart. When I first saw this little girl she was sitting on the floor, bawling hysterically and no one could calm her down. No one was even trying. She just stared up at me with her running nose and her her terrified, big brown eyes, crying and crying. I found out that her mother dropped her off at the orphanage 3 days before I took this picture. She hadn't eaten in those 3 days because she was still breast feeding when her mom left her, and refused to eat what they could offer her. I couldn't stand just watching her cry and having no one to hug her and make everything "all better". I scooped her in my arms and tried rocking her and cooing and all the things you do when children cry. Nothing would calm her down. Tears were just pouring down my face because I couldn't help this innocent little girl with no future ahead of her but this orphanage. (Adoption is illegal in Honduras, so she will never know what it is to have a loving home with a Mom and a Dad). I walked her outside and rocked her but she was still just sobbing. I suddenly felt the need to sing "I Am a Child of God" to her. I started singing and in about 10 seconds she stopped crying and just looked up at me and touched my face. I kept singing/crying until she fell asleep in my arms. The words to that song have never meant so much to me as they did in that moment.


Heather said...

I totally started bawling when I saw this picture. That trip was amazing and we would have taken her home for sure if we could have, you know it. My heart breaks in half for those beautiful babies. It makes me want to go and find her. That picture is amazing.

Jess said...

Oh Annie, that is so sweet. That makes me want to cry! Such an amazing picture.

Natalie & Luke said...

That is really the sweetest picture. That's so amazing that you could experience that.

Ok so Meg and I thought Brooke's thing was tonight... so I'm excited to see you next Thursday!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

I read this and I bawled my eyes out of course. I got to see Stella today and she is so beautiful! I can't believe that there was no one there to nurture that poor little angel. I love you Annie and I know you must have made a huge difference in her life.

KiMnRoB said...

Hey of COURSE I remember you!
You were always the fun sister because Hez was such a drag... JUST TEASIN! :) But you were fun. I wasn't kidding about that.
Thanks for the sweet comment!
And can I just say WOW? What an amazing post. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. What a humbling experience that must have been? That is the type of stuff I would LOVE to do?!
If Creed ever needs another helping hand, give Kim a call!
So great to see that you are doing so well and that you're still so in love with your hubby! I never knew he proposed to you in Paris? How awesome is that?!
Well sorry for the long post. SO glad all is well with your cute family.
I'll talk to you soon!

Ed & Lindsey said...

You are not a blog stalker! I love that you found me. :) You're totally like the little sis I never had. :) I love to hear how you are doing and such. Those were some good days that we spent together. I miss them a lot. Just chillin' every night. Having some boy chat, gossip, eating, playing piano, watching you and Heather fight. :) haha. If/when I move to Utah I'll totally train with you to run a marathon! Running is one of the best habits I've ever had! YOU CAN DO IT!

Shandi Brown said...

Annie, that makes me cry!! Oh my goodness, moms can't handle reading that!
That is the sweetest story! It puts that song in perspective, she will always have her heavenly parents watching over her.
I am so happy you found me! This is a great way to keep in touch!

Aly said...

Andrea...Of course I remember you, silly sack! You are so darling, and I totally remember hearing all about you getting engaged in Paris! You had a cute Eiffel Tower shower invite right? Anyway, I totally love your sister and am Sad that I didn't get to know you and her better. That's why it's so fun we have blogging. Thanks for your cute comment and no you are not at all contributing to me going private. That made me laugh. Looks like everything is going great with you. I am glad that you and Nat still stay in touch..
Take care..

Aly said...

PS that is the most amazing story..chills.

Vierra crew said...

Dont you know not to post stuff like this for emotional pregnant women to read!! Just kidding I just love you! How sweet is that little girl! That breaks my heart!