Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Man is 28...

I have to give a little shout out to my hubster. He doesn't love a lot of blog time (especially pictures), but it was his birthday on Sunday so here are 28 reasons why I love his awesome self:
1. He's tall. Real tall.
2. He loves the Gieco lizard. Loves it. Tries to talk like it.
3. He loves his family SOOO much
4. He loves me even more (word)
5. He calls me everyday at work, sometimes more than once, just to see how I'm doing
6. He lets me watch Harry Potter every night while going to sleep (I seriously have no explanation for this one, except that I am weird)
7. He would do anything for the people he loves
8. He seems shy, but is secretly obnoxious and dorky. I wish more people, including his family, got to see this side of him more.
9. He loves to make me laugh. But I love HIS laugh. His full on, bust a gut, can't breathe laugh. It makes me happy.
10. He brings me dinner on my days I work at the salon. They are usually 14-16 hour days, so he takes care of me. (Double word)
11. He rubs my feet when I get home from the salon. He's pretty much my slave.
12. He is a football fanatic, and still has hopes and dreams of playing in the NFL one day. Cross your fingers for him...
13. He always encourages me to have hobbies, and do things I love. He loves when I paint and wants to hang the crazy things I come up with in the house. He bought me an awesome camera because I said I'd love to get into photography, and he lets me read, blog, and be creative at any opportunity. Muchos gracias for this, it makes me so happy
14. He cares more about me being happy than sometimes I do. He watches out for me when I don't watch out for me. He protects me when I don't protect myself.
15. He loves kids and can't wait to be a Daddy someday
16. He works so hard and has come so far in what he does. He is lucky to be in the position he is in right now, and I couldn't feel more blessed to have such a hardworking fella.
17. He is honest. In everything he does, he does it with integrity and honesty.
18. He does laundry (boo-yah)
19. If we have a boy someday, he wants to name him Rock. Like, for real he LOVES this name. It's cute because he thinks he will get his way on that one. Awe...
20. He caught me dancing like a dork by myself in the kitchen one day and laughed and said he wishes I would do that more often....sweetness. I've currently got a pretty impressive routine I'm working on...
21. He acts like he HAS to be tortured to sit through American Idol and SYTYCD with me. Loves it. LOVES it. I just know it.
22. Totally sings in the shower. It's quite the treat.
23. Thinks he's going to own about 10 cars some day. All at the same time.
24. He wears his watch with the face on the INSIDE of his wrist. So every time he looks at his watch, it's palms up.
25. He sends me flowers every Valentines Day even though I don't like flowers. He feels bad if every other girl got them and not me.
26. He loves taking drives and walks with me. Just the other day he said, "Ya know, we need to take more walks together". I smiled and thought, "We sure do."
27. He dutifully eats whatever I cook (on the days miracles decide to happen, and pots of gold are sitting at the ends of rainbows) and says it's yummy. I can tell when he's lying (almost always) but I love him for it.
28. And most importantly, I love him for loving me, and taking all the good with the bad that comes with me. He never tries to change who I am. He encourages me to become whatever I want to become and is there for me every step of the way. So when I quit my jobs to become a professional shopper, and then try out for Paris Hilton's new BFF reality show, just know I had his full support.

Love you babe!


Grand Pooba said...

Aaaaawe! How saweet is that? Kev is lucky to have Annie Bananie and you to have him. Thanks for your comments about Bain, they really help! I love how much you love our sweet furry children!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

I just love Kevi poo! You have the best husband you could ever hope for. Which gives me great peace of mind. We need to hang out more so I can get to see some of this fabulous dorkiness he has going on! You know I appreciate that ooodles. I love you Kevin Harper, thanks for being an amazing man and taking care of my wuver miss annie b.
And k time for some weirdness, I saw that comment above and could not help but blog stalk a little. I am so glad there are people like that in this world. That picture of her laying there with Bain will forever be in heart, I am of course bawling my eyes out and just want to take all of my furry babies in my arms and never ever let go!! How wonderful that they got to take him home and let him go in peace, I know he must have understood how much he would be missed but felt the love and was not scared. I just am so sorry that that big beautiful dog had to leave this world. Animals truly teach us all we ever need to know about life and love. Tell her my heart sincerely goes out to her. I know this is probably so weird to people, but you know me!!!

Beth said...

Andrea what a cute post. I loved it. I actually learned alot that I didn't know about my own brother. Some of those things I was wondering if you were talking about the same Kevin I know. Just kidding I know Kevin is great and is so lucky to have such a great wife to compliment him and make him who he is.

I want to hear this Geico lizard voice. I can only imagine. Why haven't I heard this before???

And don't feel to embaressed he caught you busting some moves in the kitchen. I remember one time all the family was going somewhere and Kevin was staying home by himself. And I last minute decided to stay home to, so once all the family left Kevin thought he was home alone and starting singing at the TOP of his LUNGS, getting all sorts of into it and at that moment I walked around the corner laughing my head off and scared/shocked the crap out of him. It was SOOO funny. So I can only imagine what his singing in the shower sounds like. Imagine that times like 50 is what he sounded like.

And I want to see some pictures you have taken with your new camera. Are you loving it??

Calli Hayman said...

Lucky Lucky Girl!! :o)

KiMnRoB said...

That was a darling post.
Glad you have a good man. You deserve it!

Heather said...

Oh Duffy!! How we love you :) Tell him I said thanks for being such an awesome hubby for you. He really is so cool. Except for him liking the Raiders maybe! Ahahahaha, just kiddin'!! Happy Birthday Kevvie!

The Lichtie Family said...

So cute! I always give Steve a "100 Reasons Why I Love You" list for his birthday, so I am glad to see you do it too!!

Love the Kev, wish I could have actually seen him on Monday.

Heidi and Chris said...

Awesome. Sounds like a great guy. He has to be if he's your hubby - you're pretty sweet yourself. P.S. I love the way you talk. You crack me up, sista!

Jess said...

Happy Late Birthday Kev!!

michelle taggart said...

wow!! what husband can compete with that! i want to marry kevin now! hope your doing well girlie!! love ya much byuh roomie! xo xo xo

Natalie & Luke said...

I know, I missed you guys! So sad I couldn't make it. I will be at the next one for sure. Oh and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a swell gal. :) Love ya!

Ashlie said...

Thanks so much for your cute message on my blog! We are extremely excited, but a little nervous too. We are almost 8 weeks right now. I will keep you updated on how it is going. Thanks again!

Meg said...

Thats cute =)