Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's hear it for Mickey and stuff...

After you get over the shock of me posting something new - actually taking the time to update this sad little blog, you are gonna wanna hear this.......

Disneyland. That's right. I totally went there. For 3 whole days. And it was Down. Right. Awesome. DRA if you will....

Now prepare yourself for an unnecessary amount of pictures. I think "buttload" is the technical term. (you'll be proud of the amount of pictures that Kevin and I are actually IN)

This is Kevin, me, and Dylan(a neph). Either the sun is really in Kevin's eyes, or Dumbo made him need to poop. Either way, totally understandable.

The Dude givin some love in line for Peter Pan.

Riding in our ship on Peter Pan. Look at my cute bald husband. He's bald. And cute.This is Brock(another neph) in his sweet Mickey ears on his perma-ride called Kevin's Shoulders. He did this probably 90% of the trip.

Dylan being the stud that he is wearing my $3 sunglasses. I warned him, I said "Don't you break those. Thems were made in Korea". He didn't break them.
Me kissing Pluto. He's trying to act like he didn't want this by leaning away. But he did. He SO did. Dyl and Brockie. Look at them, I just want to eat their faces off!

The people who wouldn't let me eat their faces off.

Dylan's turn on Kevin's shoulder's waiting to go on Buzz. My husband is sessy.

Us KILLIN IT on Buzz. Kevin is some kind of ridiculous on this ride. He gets into concentration "Halo" mode or something and goes crazy shooting up everything in sight. His score's were so high I'm almost embarrassed.

This is my little man Kaden, and his hotty pants momma, Lisa.

Dylan and I in the Haunted Mansion trying to portray how scared we were. We were SO SCARED. Obviously.

Kevin likes to get really drunk before hitting up Nemo. So excuse him in this photo, but really, don't you remember the sharks? It's pretty intense. Papa hiding behind Nana, Bethie and Kaden, and Kevin.
Kevin, Dylan (who wanted to take the picture) and me on Nemo.

Beth and Brock on Matterhorn(sp?) Isn't she a hot, sexy, beast??? I'm pretty sure she is. Look at little Brockie's face...he looks really unsure of what he's about to do....

Going up the big hill on Splash Mountain. Ahhh!!!
You can't really tell in this picture, but poor Brock got drenched. Splash Mountain ate us for breakfast.

So the next time we went, Brock demanded cover. He WOULD NOT GO without protection. Lucky for Kevin, Brock served as HIS protection. Winners all around, folks.

Us on our FAVORITE ride in California Adventure, Toy Story 3D. SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Kaden in his super cool 3D shades. Isn't he yummy stuff?
Us on Toy Story, for our 3rd time, I think. Brock kicked my trash....oh who are we kidding, I TOTALLY schooled him.

This is me being a serious nerd in our hotel room. I only post this picture for proof that I really do do my hair at LEAST once a month. It happens folks, not very often, but it DOES happen.
We found Buzz slacking off on his duties while playing Dance Dance Revolution with a Chinese kid (who else?) with MAD skills.
Dylan giving me his best Pirate ARGH!

And last but not least, us with THE MOUSE HIMSELF, Mickey.

Highlights of the trip:

-Kevin deciding he wanted to be known by ONE name, like Prince or Madonna, or KFed. He settled on Chancho(???), but Kevonce' came in close second.

-Joleen putting up a good fight with a toilet seat cover.

-Dylan braving it on Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones.

-Brock finally being tall enough to brave it on everything!

-"Hot water" at Cheesecake Factory

-Windex guacamole

-Pirates of the Caribbean being open the last 2 days!

-a really yummy Chimichanga while in line for Small World

-the midget that stalked Kevin

-having the handicap bathroom in our hotel room. Kevin was excited about the possibility of showering and pooping at the same time. Luckily, that never happened. And on that note....



Sariah said...

Blog surfing at midnight has to have it's benefits... and looky here, so it does, first comment on your Disney trip.

Wait a minute I want to enjoy this for a moment

oh yeah

I feel cool.

Ok, so that trip looked fabulous! I love me some good-wholesome-family-fun-at-Disneyland-while-my-hub-is-drunk-on-the-rides!

Not to mention the beauty of which you do possess, you look great!

I'm glad all is well with you! Blog with you later.

Annie Harper said...

Ha ha! How sad would that be if he really was drunk? Bet it's happened to someone somewhere...

Grand Pooba said...

Oh Annie Bananie, yes you NEVER post on your blog anymore but when you do it's TOTALLY worth the wait!

Are you for real? Wait, in your own words:

"Are you alive?"

I'm trying to work here and I'm cracking up and for once it's not me cracking myself up. ha! (Remember Alyse immitating me laughing at my own jokes? Wasn't sure you'd get that one so I had to splain myself)

You are one sessy woman! Check out your mane! (Ha I just called you a horse in a round about secret sorta way. I didn't mean it though, I'm just jealous. Of your freakin long thick lusciousness)

I don't know why but when I'm around you, you make me act retarded. (That's another inside joke incase you didn't catch that one either)

Ok, so back to your friggin hilarious post. Stop it. And when I say stop it, I mean gimme more.

And who are you again? Because I haven't seen you in like 10 years I think.

Maybe 11.

Tara said...

i love me some disneyland, man i really need to go!

Ashlie said...

It is so good to hear from you again. You always make me crack up in your posts. I love your hair by the is so beautiful and long. I wish I could have the will power to grow mine out, maybe I should just opt for extensions.

Heidi said...

MAN ALIVE... I mean, woman, I guess? You always leave the awesome-est comments on my blog, so I knew there were some life line in there somewhere. And here you are - this post makes me want to go to Disneyland so bad it hurts.

And are you kidding me with those kids? Cutest little studs I've ever seen.

Speaking of kidding me... your hair? I'm speechless. And you look in-credible. I definitely saw some collar bone shots!

Maybe I'll see you at the race tomorrow... be prepared to see some serious slow "running"... if you could call it that....

Heather said...

I'm so jealous. I can't wait to take Ky man. And I hate you because you got the good hair genes. Steve and I totally got screwed. I will have to hear about the midget that stalked Kevin... I mean Chancho. And the toilet seat fight. Ahahaha! See you at 7 in the A.M. manana. Get ready to race the preggo.

Jess said...

Hahaha!! Oh my gosh you make me laugh SO hard!! Honestly I love the pics!!! I am so jealous you got to go to Disneyland!! I want to go so bad!! Ok you and Kev are going to be the CUTEST parents ever .... seriously you are. And in the first pic with Kev ... I am voting on the pooping ... kind of looks like it ... :)

Brad and Jade said...

Looked like you guys had so much fun. You got me excited, we're going there in a month. I love that place!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

You guys are gonna have some serious cute babes from the looks of things. Your nephs are adorable. And bald hubs are the BEST!

YOU are adorable.
KEV is adorable.
YOUR POST is adorable.

And ps pooping in the shower is kind of an oxy moron in itself but hey, I'm gonna admit I'm a little curious now. hehe LOVE YOU.

Stephanie said...

Um, can I please have your hair? Please? Just give it to me now.

KiMnRoB said...

Andrea you are GORG!!!!
That hair of yours... man you're lucky.
And I think you may have found your collarbone.
You are lookin' SKINNY GIRL!!!

Steve, Haley and Ava said...

What? Pictures of you on your blog?? AMAZING. We've had some real growth there, Annie. I'm proud. I'm glad you had fun! I actually had a dream about high school cheerleading last night and the Dis pics brought it all back to me.

So sorry about yesterday. I really do suck at life lately and this pregnancy is making me nutty in the noggin...I really can't deal with anything. So, sorry again. I will have to reschedule!!

Joleen said...

Okay, What happens in Disneyland, stays in Disneyland; especially the toilet seat cover incident. It was so much fun and I am so ready to go again in the fall. Love ya!

Katie Corbridge said...

I NEED me some Disneyland! There's a reason they call that place "The Happiest Place on Earth"! Your pics relay that message!

Annie, you are gorgeous! May I rip your hair off your head and attach it to mine?!? Seriously, I WANT that hair!

Calli Hayman said...

i would agree- Disneyland is very awesome!! I haven't been there in some time though...looks like you had a blast!! :O)

Zach and Cecily said...

Okay - so I found your blog from a link of one my friends wives (random, I know) But I just have to tell you that you are so funny!! I laughed all the way through your posts & I NEVER laugh. So good job. You are my new Perez Hilton.

Vierra crew said...

All I have to say is I think you are beautiful!!! I love you, and you should post more to entertain me!!