Thursday, July 2, 2009


So we went to Californ-I-A last week. It seriously rocked my pants off. It was EXACTLY what we needed. A whole week of nothing but doing whatever we wanted, and as little or as much of it as we pleased...Typically every year we go to Newport and stay at a beach house, but this year we got crazy adventurous and went a few miles south to Oceanside.

Once again, get ready for an unnecessary amount of pictures. Infact, it's not just an unnecessary amount, it's a highly inappropriate amount. Like, the kind where you'd rather stab your own eyes out than look at THAT many pictures of someone ELSE'S vacation....By the end of this, I'm positive you'll be asking yourself why. WHY???? And because I'd like to torture you further, I'll tell you about EACH. INDIVIDUAL. picture. It's how I roll.

And so it begins......

This is our (my dad and Shelene's) condo we stayed in. Everyone had their own rooms and bathrooms. It was HEAVENLY. And off to the left was a full kitchen. This place make-a me happy.

Lil' Lady, as Kevin calls her, with my sunglasses on (how do children always end up with my glasses? And more importantly,why do I always take a picture?) Now, I'll have you know, I spent WAAAAAY more than I would normally lay down for a pair of shades. Like, they might as well be Versace or something (that one's for you Al). Are you ready...$24. I know right? Normally my limit is $10 tops, but I went all out for these suckas. I don't know, I was feeling reckless.

Us eating lunch at the cute little Fish 'N Chips place at the Harbor that was right across the street from our condo. Don't ask me what my arm is doing in this picture...

Mmmmm. The plate: Alaskan Cod, Bay Shrimp, Pirate Stew, and fried zucchini. I'm pretty positive this was on my diet. Grease is TOTALLY good for you.

Sis gettin ready for the beach. She calls this her "mommy swimsuit". She's cute like that.

Walkin to the beach. My daddy-O, Ethan, Ivy, and Kevin. We walked from our parking lot under a tunnel of train tracks, through the Harbor, and to the beach. About a 7 minute walk. (just, uh, in case you were curious)

Still walkin to the beach. Dad and Ivy. She was lovin her polka dot shades.

In the harbor, at a restaurant with live music. This guy was so good it was redonkulous. Seriously, I wish I had video.

The Joe's Crab Shack in the harbor. How cool is that, all floaty and whatnot...

The old folk, loungin at the beach. :)

Just in case it wasn't clear, this is Ethan. He's super awesome.

These two are straight up hooligans, just hangin in the shade. And BOY do I love em.

Racin to fill the buckets with water.

Playing in the sand. Ethan is a funny one, he loves to be clean, so he had to have a bucket to wash his hands when they got dirty like this....Ivy on the other hand would literally lay and make sand angels.

Kevin in his beloved Sanuk's. Stylin or not, this man is comfortable peeps. He LOVES these shoes.

How fun is this picture??? Super fun, I say.

Somehow Kevin's shoulders just collect never fails.

Just chillaxin at the pool (pretty sure that's cool people talk) Ethan is Kevin's little shadow, and he was DYING for Kevin to come swim with him, so Kev told him he needed to 'warm his turtle shell' for a minute. Ethan said that constantly from then on "I just need to warm my turtle shell mom". SO cute that kid.

Would you just LOOK at those faces? No seriously, look. I wanna maul them

Ivy just a swimmin away. You have to spend just 5 minutes with this girl to really appreciate her. She is somethin else, people. LOVE her :)

Dad and Ethan shwimmin.

Kevin and Ivy. Seriously, I'm so excited to one day have kids with this dude. I mean really.

Ivy and I. Now enjoy our silly faces. Oh you know, cuz they're fun.

We also went to Sea World - which I love. Dolphins make me want to cry - in a good way. Yep.

As do pilot whales. They are just so friggin CUTE, dang it.

Look at us bein all cute takin a couples picture. And have no doubt, if I knew photoshop, peace out to half my arm... that's right, I said it.

Petting the sting rays. You can actually feed them, but I was all, uh, I only feed things that dont suck your hand off in the process. Kind of a rule of mine.

So I fed HIM instead. And those A hole seagulls took half my lot. Who do they think they are anyway?

So how gnarly is this picture! Isn't that just FREAKY? Sharks....geh. They scare the S outta me, but I can't NOT look.

And I dig this picture more than it probably deserves. I just like it, okay?

Not quite as cool as the other shark picture, but there IS one back there.....

Didn't even mean for this to be in here...AND it won't rotate.

At the Shamu Rocks show. LA-HUV this show. I mean let's talk about do they get them to DO stuff? HOW????

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think Ethan was excited...

I guess not...Kevin had to MAKE him smile.

I'M SORRY. So I like silly faces....

I'm a beaut in this one....

The pier that holds my FAV place to go...Ruby's Diner. It's this cute little 50's diner with the best shakes ever at the end of the pier and you can eat out on the roof too. We watched dolphins play and the sun set. Much love for this place.

Dark pic of me and the kids while waiting to be seated. Everyone comes to fish here and we went around seeing everything people caught. From small sharks to slimy squid. Mmmm, who's hungry?

Kevin and his buddy deciding what to order...I just thought husband looked cute.

At the Oceanside flea market. Kevin is in HEAVEN at these things. LOVES EM. I almost got this hideously awesome ring. Oh you know, the kind that SO ugly it's fabulous. NO? Just me that likes those things??? oh.

Random pic of us at our

We were so sad to leave. We kept asking each other, how do we MOVE here? But we say this with every vacation we are on. Kevin especially. I would be happy living in RAIN central, but I'm a weirdy like that. We slept in, we layed by the pool, we swam, ate good food, went deep sea fishing, Sea World, watched movies, went to the beach, caught crabs - I mean WOAH - caught A crab, went just doesn't get much better than that.

So I hope you made it through with both eyeballs intact. I'd hate to feel responsible for any self inflicted injury of yours due to my inability to be selective in my photo extravaganzas. But look on the bright side, we are INSANELY beautiful people, so I practically did you a favor...
Oh ho ho, I'm hilarious...


Al and Seany said...

You and Kevin are SO dang cute, I just love it!=) Not to mention your's and Steve's little sibs...=) I read each picture and enjoyed every second of it. You're so great Andrea! Glad you had fun in Cali. XOXO=)=)

Heather said...

I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. For going there without me. You guys are SO RUDE! That is my most favoritest vacay ever. You know it wasn't as fun without us! But seeing as I'm my own planet at the moment, it just wouldn't have worked :( Next year. FOR SURE!!!

Sariah said...

The header of your blog should read "For a good enjoyable laugh (read this blog)" Cause seriously you are funny! I get all excited when I see you have posted. That trip seemed dream like. If your sister isn't able to go next year perhaps I shall go in her place. truly. think about it.

Tara said...

ok isn't sea world the best place ever? I must have been there a week or so before you! I miss your face and I am glad you had a great time!

Heidi said...

You too funny... I agree with Sariah. I know I'll always get a good chuckle when I come visit. My hubby loves his Sanuks too. :) That fried food looked incredible, by the way... and about the picture thing? Who cares?! It's YOUR blog! No need to explain, my friend. Those who don't want to see them simply won't. I, personally, enjoyed them muchly.

Zach and Cecily said...

Okay is it totally wierd that I have a crush on you?? I know it is. I'm creeping myself out right now but you are just so funny. I am officially stalking you now - blog or not, watch your back!

Steve, Haley and Ava said...

RUBY'S totally reminds me of you! When we were in Cali we went there and I had an Annie-moment. Remember when your dad took us there when we were in Cali for cheer? Good times had by all. Oh, and I am very impressed that you are at least mentioning the fact that you will ONE DAY have babies with Kevin. Big step Annie, huge.

Grand Pooba said...



My eyes, they hurt.

I need me some versaces right now!

Best comenentary ever I would say if I were talking to you but I'm not so I am writing it.

I bet we missed eachother by 5 minutes at the Joe's Crab Shack. Not that we went in, but we did look for you.


That is one pointy elbow hangin out with your greasy, diet-approved food. My my!

You are ALL beautiful peeps. Seriously. No photo shop needed, but whenever you want to edit out that god-awful shine bouncing off of Kev's bald head, I'll let you borrow mine.

Anytime. I'm cool like that.

But not as cool as you.

Dolphin lover.

Tiffany and Bill said...

I absolutely love your posts.. you always make me laugh. Keep em coming!!

Jackson Brown said...

That looks like so much fun!! I need a vaca with sun and acean about now. You and Kevin are a beautiful couple and I can't wait till you do have kids, they will be so cute and full of personality I am sure!

Katie Corbridge said...

NEVER apologize for "an unnecessary amount of pictures" again! I quite enjoy several pictures - it tells a story, dang it! Love the beach and your condo looks like I could live there FOREVER! You are gorgeous even when you make funny faces and your little bro. and sis. are right out of a movie - they are so cute (someone needs to get them an agent)! As for the post, love your comments - you always keep me laughing!

Anonymous said...

Aren't vacations the best? I agree everytime I go somewhere we always say "let's move here" Ha ha. I love love the beach and I really could move out of this REALLY cold state. Love the pics and remember a picture says 2000 words or 1000!

Jess said...

Oh so fun!!!! I had to check this out after I talked to you ..... so jealous!! Those pics seriously make me want to go there so bad right now! P.S. Lovin my hot hair!!! :)

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Word. That vacay is definitely rock the pants right off your hiney type of shiz. Tell Kev those shoes are seriously gangstA and I want to copy him and get some for tremayn-ee. He'd be in heaven.

Ivy and Ethan need to come to my house for dinner. I mean they need to come over so I can EAT them for dinner. LOVE THEM. Stop depriving me of your fam, I need them in my life, yeah it is all your fault and you know it. :P

There are some hottie ass pics of you folks for reals! MAKE BABIES! Dolphins, cry. Whales, cry. Sharks, cry. Seals, cry. wanna snug all of em.

Gawwwd girl. Loving the beats you are throwing down, props to finding sytycd jewels to add to the mix.

And no worries, we just got back from a week with the Carroll's in Lake Powell, and you bet your sweet fanny I will be handing out overdosage of pictures. I couldn't stop thinking about how much your pops did for us, taking all of us obnoxious girls down there, cooking, cleaning, and providing endless amounts of fun. Now that I am older, and (pretend) much wiser, I am in awe of how much work that really goes into all of that. Tell him I love him SOOO much and although I completely appreciated it so much then, my appreciation has greatly deepened.

Longest comment ever! Glad your pants came off... I mean that you had a great vacation. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...
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Stephanie said...

Hey, thanks for your compliment on my legs. But I want your HAIR. Legs will get flabby and wrinkly, eventually, but hair stays beautiful for longer.

Also, how much do you charge for a hair cut? I'm in desperate need of one and SOON. I'm leaving for Chicago August 1st and I'm seeing some friends I haven't seen in a few years and well, I want them to think I'm beautiful (jk). No, I just really need a haircut. Could you fit me in sometime this next week??? I really hope you check your comments often. Or I'm in big trouble.

Another thing, I like, REALLY want to take photos of you and your husband, mainly just because you're extremely photogenic and I think it would be fun. If you're interested, maybe we could do a trade? You could cut my hair and I could do your guy's photos? If not, it's TOTALLY okay, no hard feelings, everyone needs money, I get it. So just let me know if that would be an option, if not, I still want you to my hair. Thanks so much!