Saturday, August 15, 2009

the CHOPPING block...

Yep. It's happening. I'm officially CHOPPING my hair off.

No. Don't argue with me. What's done is done peeps. Because THIS here picture, might as well be me. And I think we can all agree....

...that it is NEVER okay to have your hair double as a blanket. It's pretty much illegal.

Unless of course you're Nicole Richie, then you might actually need a 24/7 blanket. I'm only KIDDING. You know she doesn't look like that any more....shame on you. I actually quite like me some Miss Richie. In truth, I may or may not have a hair crush on her.

Seriously, her hair is my boyfriend. (not to be confused with my other boyfriend, Walmart. But only the one on 114th South. I don't get around or anything)

And I might as well marry this hairdo - I love it that much.

Also, I might have a style crush on her..... No, I do. I'll just say it.

But this post isn't about Nicole Richie. It's about me WHACKING my hair off. TODAY. I'm thinking something like this?

Or this? Er, wait. No. I'd be straight up HID.

Get yerself ready folks, there's no going back. Except that there is. With extensions. And the fact that I'm not chopping it off. I'm only cutting about 4 or so inches. And sadly, that still leaves me with an insane amount of hair. Husband thinks he's 'forbid' me to cut my hair, isn't that cute? I'm pretty sure I traumatized him right after we got married and I cut my hair to a short asymmetrical do. He of course SAID he liked it. But really, to see his reaction when I say I'm cutting my hair, leads me to believe he may not have been a fan. I think he's worried that this time I'll come home with this.

And she may be one of the very few who could still look GORGEOUS and feminine with no hair. Rude.

Eventually I WILL get rid of it. But by virtually everyone I know, I've been vetoed.

For now.


Steve, Haley and Ava said...

Who are you, my friend? You are my hilarious Annie, that's who. You make me laugh, which is quite dangerous. Making a pregnant woman laugh can cause peeing of the pants, vomiting and pre-term labor. Ok, maybe not the latter, but the first two for sure.

I miss you. Don't we have a movie date that needs to be made? Isn't that the promise I got from you last appointment? I will hold you to it, or by golly I will be the one chopping off your hair...and I am not a trained hair cutter - it would be ugly.

Katie Corbridge said...

Oh how I LOVE you! And oh how I enjoy your posts! Smile from ear to ear right now on my face! Please never stop your Annie-ness. We all need you in our lives to keep us laughing and keep us sane too!

As for the hair, chop it, color it, add extensions, braid it, buzz it, grow it, crimp it, fro it... it does not matter on you because you are like those celebrities and can pull ANYTHING OFF, it's true!

KiMnRoB said...

We have the SAME thoughts I swear.
I just decided this weekend that I'm chopping my hair. On Tuesday!
Pretty scared seeing as I haven't EVER had my hair short (except for that one time in 5th grade, but 5th grade? I mean come on. does that even count?)
Good luck to you and me both sista!
Oh and yes, my husband doesn't want me to cut mine either but WHO CARES? Jk, I care, but apparently not enough since the appointment is made....

Tara said...

ok you need to stop with your funnyness (spelling?) I am so excited to see what you come up with! I know its going to be glorious! I cant wait to see your hotness! you better post a pic asap!

Stephanie said...

oh i about had a heart attack when you said you were chopping your hair off. i envy your hair more than anyone else's. so much so, that if you actually DID chop it off, i would stand underneath your chair and stuff it all in my bag and somehow attach it to my head. i really need a haircut/color so i need the number to your salon so i can set up an appointment. THANKS.

Grand Pooba said...

Wait! Wait! Am I too late! I HATE that I never blog over the weekend, then I miss out on YOUR greatness.

Crap, so I assume you already chopped your hair off (PAAHlease 4 inches is not chopping it off!)

You know I am way jealous of your hair growing ability. Why can't my hair grow as fast as yours? You make me sick....ok just jealous.

You best be posting a picture of your haircut TODAY!!!

or else....!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

That made me giggle... a little, and if you knew what was going on right now, you'd realize what a huge effing deal it is. I love you, don't cut your hair, you may not need your hair blanket but I DO. Hmmm which gives me an excellent idea, cut your hair, weave it into a blanky for me... and TA DA problemo solved. I'll sleep with every night and you know that ain't no joke. Love you, I need you right now... sad stuff... call me.

Casey and Britt said...

Can I just tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading your blog! You are hillarious and so extremely gifted in keeping someone's attention, I love it! And I love you! Sorry, i love short hair and I will never grow mine out because it never looked right long, but you on the other hand have beautiful long locks of love and shouldn't cut it! I agree with the hubbie. :) Love ya

Zach and Cecily said...

I have a suprise for you - If you go to my blog you will see... I have added you to my blog list. That makes it official - I AM your internet predator.
And I love love love your hair. I want to cut, tint, and style mine to look exactly like yours. This is what comes with being a blog stalker. You get to single white female people. Okay, I think I have crossed a line, I scared myself a little.

Heidi said...

Love your hair. But it's your hair. Get over it, I say, to anyone who says not to touch it. I also am due for a cut... It's been touching my neck for a while... because I've been trying to grow it out. But I don't care anymore. I can't handle it!

Anyway.... you be too funny for me. Please keep it coming, and I'll talk to my three-year-old nephew about curing cancer. I'd sure he'll be down.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Your hair is always good. But... I do understand where you are coming from. Half the time I just don't really do mine during the week, isn't that sad? I just kind of let it dry and I just have so much hair I want to chop it off sometimes too. Do what your hair tells you to do, not your heart.

ChristySteed said...

Andrea!!! Yeah I'm so glad we found eachother on here.

I'm so glad you like the songs, glad talisia shared em!

Okay you really are the wittiest person ever =) can't wait to see what you post next.

Randi said...

Andrea, my dear, you are freaking hilarious!