Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Heyyyyyyyyy

Me??? Of course I'm alive, don't be silly! It's just that everytime I get on here to post something, I get all sidetrackedy and end up YOUR blog instead. Way super more fun(yup). But I was determined to post something today. DETERMINED. Nevermind that I have nothing to blog about. Just kidding I do. Like California, St. George, Bear Lake, etc. But today? Today it's nothing but random randomness. Mostly it's just funny pictures a the best kid on earth.

Tada! Haha, oh this picture. Worst quality picture EVER, but how funny is his face? Doesn't even look like him!

Awe! Those cheeks take a beating every day because I MAUL them.

What, you think you can hang with this??

Ok. You can.

Only if you wear your p.j.'s though.
My husband told me I look like a vampire in this pic. He's sooo sweet like that. Obviously it's the sun. I'm WAY tan in real life. P.S. look at my dogs shadow on the right....what the baby elephant?.He smart.

And a redhead! Can you stand it?

Anyway. There ya have it. A post! I'm amazing at this. Probably I should win an award. But get ready for some vacation pictures! Woop! I have like, 7 posts just sitting half finished (I need some motivation cuz....meh)

In other news...I like Michelle Money. Yeah, WHAT NOW?


Al and Seany said...
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Katie Corbridge said...

hahaha! Love you! Love your lil' man! When did he get so sticking old? And I too love Michelle Mony. Talked to her a few times. Think she's funny!

Ashlee said...

Yay! Your posts are my fav! Dude Nash is so cute and he looks so big! I love the red hair! I get to see you in a few so we can talk about Michelle Money and how she totally should have won Bachelor Pad!

Shelly said...

You are too funny! I love your pictures and your blog way way more than I like Michelle Money...what now yourself?!