Sunday, September 11, 2011

We be trippin (and also going on vacations)

He's such a teaser, this guy. So we totally road tripped ourselves to Cali. With a 6 month old. Gold stars for us! (or "I'm With Stoopid" t-shirts? You pick)

Just kidding, it really was easy. I can't take credit, my kid is just that awesome.

And the fact that we had these two hooligans in the back seat to entertain him.

Hitch-hikers make great babysitters! Just kidding, this is my brother-in-law and his gurl...

We went to visit Kevin's parents who live in Vacaville. It was seriously SO much fun. Beach, Theme park, San Fran, shopping...what's not to love?

This lil beaut was at the Six Flags Animal Adventure Kingdom Sea World Planet Aquarium. Or I can't remember the name exactly, but I bet I nailed it. It really did have all those things though! So fun.

We even got to feed her. Ride a ridiculously scary roller coaster one minute, go to a dolphin show the next, then feed(or ride!) an elephant? You bet. We didn't ride one, but it's important to know that we could have.

In the shark tunnel...

Sharks! This dolphin show is wack yo! (But really we liked it. He's only teasing)

Here is a photo of no one looking! We are in Santa Cruz, Nash's first time at the beach. We changed his shorts to swimtrunks, you know, in case he loooooved the ice cold freezing water and was all "You should put me in that!"...

And I think he did! Seriously, the water hadn't even touched him yet. What a diva! Ha! If only you knew I was behind the camera making all kinds of empty promises like "mama won't ever let the bad ocean get you again!" Yikes. I might be one of those moms.

Sandy feet!

Believe your eyes. Why yes, Kevin is riding a Merry Go Round by himself. Not because we have a child and he is obligated to ride, but because he wanted to. Here's where I tell you I would have been right there next to him had Nash not been sleeping. You have to throw these disks onto a target while it's's like.....legit.

This is us at the Farmer's Market in Vacaville. If I look top heavy, it's because I am. Was. Am. Dang it.


More yum. Not quite as good as the ones right by my in-laws house though. They grow those with crack.

Going to San Fran! It was fogalicious. Actually made it really pretty if you ask me.(and what the date stamp that's ruining my life)

Disappearing bridge!

K, I know this is random...but the houses are SO pretty there! Love.

And speaking of love! Us at Fisherman's Warf. I look like I slept in the same makeup for days. I did. Shut up, I didn't.

Pier 39. Oh seagull, bless your timing. I feel like he's the true star of this photo, no? Don't care? Ok then.

I really feel like the ship is the star in this photo....Oh MAN if you could be inside my head right now, that was really funny. You guys, it's the seal. IT'S THE SEAL.

(I'm tired)

Perty sunset. I wish I had video of what happened next, but I don't. Funniest Kevin moment pretty much EVER. Let's just say it involved a striptease, knives, some gold underwear, a balance board, and a promise to Thomas the male juggler. Be sad you missed it.

I better go before I start making more 'I'm so tired I'm slap happy' jokes. And maybe come back later when I'm cooler.

This is a five part series after all.


Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

A. I want your child to cuddle me every night before I fall asleep. B. I forgot. C. You and Kev look like porn stars in that one photo, no seriously, hot sexy messes you are. A. cuz you can't go passed C, it's the seal!!!! bwwahahahahahaha. I love you too much. Your camera skills are impress my friend. Anyway. come play with me and pick out nursery shiz and shiz. And tell kev I need to see his act.