Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The girls with whom if we shared pants, we'd travel with them.


Or. . .

The pants that this sisterhood traveled with?

Hmm. . . .

The sisterhood that traveled and also?? ALSO we wore pants.
The sisters that shared pants while traveling in the 'hood. {it could happen}

Listen. There were pants and we traveled. Ok? Get off my back.

Seriously, get ready for a weird post. And alot of parenthesis cause im just in a parenthesis kind of mood.

((()))) <--- proof.

It's true though. We did that. We took us a little girls trip to St. George back in the beginning of June. And I've been working on this post since then. I mean it's not like I've been working hard on it or anything, I just can't seem to get a good flow going here so if you feel weird {like extra weirder than normal} after reading this....me too. ME TOO SISTER. Also, if you cringed at the uncorrectness {ha!} of my parenthesis sentence, this is not the post for you.

So. I was the official picture taker-er {whether people liked it or not} so I am in a total of exactly none of these pictures. Awe shucks, darn it, and other sad words. It's ok though, I didn't want to one up every one else's six packs with my 17 pack {it's impressive, you'll have to trust me}.

My friends.

Hooooboy I don't know what's with them, but they need to stop being all worky outty and eatty goody because WTF. LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF. These chicks are hot! They mostly come to me for advice {17 pack!} and I'm like *eyeroll* ok.

Also? I lost my voice on this trip. Yep. Like any time I wanted to even make the sound of a little bitty smoker's whisper, I had to use the force of 12 people yelling {I'm assuming, cuz how could I ever know for certain, right?}. So that was exciting. Who doesn't love losing their voice? Be honest. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. {just kidding, it really was awful}

Mostly all we did was lay out {I got sooooo tan}, eat, sleep, and play Catch Phrase {I'm a gamer. Not kidding I'd rather play games than do most anything}. It was delightfulness at it's best. Here are pictures. Mostly of us at the pool. Oh and I did what I thought at the time were "fun little filters" on most the pictures. Now I just think they look like poo. {uh oh, PMS??} You be the judge, but don't tell me...because...you know.
Photobucket   Soaking up the sun. It was hot, and it was hawt.

P.S. Haley there, in the middle? Due in September. I'm talkin DUE IN SEPTEMBER. Photobucket Sexy Brittany. No really, that was her nickname in highschool.
Photobucket Sheen Diggler. Photobucket Sara! Photobucket Talisia Photobucket Haley Photobucket Boo Boo. (also due in Septmeber!) Photobucket Kira Photobucket\ Karlee (and no, i didn't photshop her eyes. She's just ridiculous like that)Photobucket Brooke and Sara Photobucket Baby belly! Photobucket Not baby bellies!
Photobucket Britt was a JA-enius and pulled the chairs into the shallow end of the pool. It's like she went to college. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The cute September mamas (I was told if I valued my life I'd keep my lens AWAY, but this one's so cute! So I got permish)

Lots of crappy iPhone pics coming right up!



Hey! There I am! Thanks Chef. Photobucket
Our Chef man was very forceful with his 7Up "Saki". He just kept going and going and going and I may or may not have spewed 7Up all over my meal/self. Would you have expected any less from me?

Haha, Talisia in the background. She was NOT having it. We were all laughing pretty hard so he was bound and determined to win her over but nope - she was completely unimpressed. Hahaha

Shopping! Kira loved these coral pants...

Sara loved this coral jacket...
Maybe Sheena loved them both. Together. Forever and always.

Maybe I made her do it. Mysteries, mysteries.


So yeah. St. George 2012. We had lots-o-fun. I LOVE my friends. Real glad I got 'em. We missed a good slew of girls that couldn't make it. We are thinking NYC next. Oh, no one that went to St. George knows that?? Weird. Well, hoot and holler now you know.


Katie Corbridge said...

I felt really bad about missing this girlfriend trip... that was until I saw the Mom's HOT bods in bikinis!!! Now, I just want to throw myself off the roof! You'd think it would motivate me to get off my lazy butt sitting on the internet while I scoop my 1millionth bite of ice cream... but somehow instead I wanna throw my whole head into this ice cream container and never come out! HA!

I joke, I joke. Seriously though, HOLY SMOKES our friends are KNOCK OUTS... every one of them!!! They all found the fountain of youth! Cute pics! Love you guys and all their funniness and coral outfits! ;)

I'm so glad you take these pics and write about it! Laughed my a** off and hopefully some of this ice cream... oh dear, me.

talisia cluff said...

Yeah...for us. Sooo much fun! Katie you couldnt be dumber you have the best body in the world. Hence why me and Annie want to undress you and make you pose on the beach in a swimming suit. You know you want to:)