Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vegetables and things of that nature.

i've talked about my garden once or twice before. i'm pretty proud of it. it says to me "Hey, you go girl!" when really most days i don't. i don't go. i am not that mama that has her workout in and is showered and ready by 9 am, has the house sparkling, and whittles wooden toys for her children in her spare time. BUT! but when I'm picking fresh things from my backyard in my pajamas at 3pm, I feel like yelling to my neighbs "H to the yeah! Are you seeing this stuff?!? I grew it! now I'mma EAT it!" and things. so.

here she is. hooo, she's a hot mess but i whisper sweet nothings to her anyway. honestly, we must have veggie crack in our dirt because things grow out of control with little to no effort on our part. my garden is like, the neighborhood bully keepin all the other veggie gardens is check - like what? you got pumpkins?? PFFF, i got 20! oh you need asparugus?? DONE. you jealous of my zucchini's leaves?? yeah that's right - they're HUGE. my peppers will take your peppers DOWN. what? WHAT??? chest bump.


and ok i'm lying. i have neighbors with rows upon rows of corn and entire lots dedicated to pumpkins. so maybe what we are dealing with hear is not actually a bully, but raging case of Small Garden's Syndrome. Shoot. 
nash gets all kinds of excited to go out and see what's new. 


he never fails to throw a bit of dirt and sticks into the mix.


we fill our pot. he usually snatches up the strawberries faster than I can get them in there.


and we fill it some more.

we even include the pepper that's half dead because a certain toddler wouldn't hear of it otherwise.

and hey look! beans! beans make us feel real good about life.
(lovely iphone pictures are literally burning my eyes)


we fill 'er up real nice and full.

and we head back to brag to the dog about all. our. stuff. the dog usually stares at us like he's bored (of all things!), but we know he's impressed.

then we display our goodies so when daddy comes home we can brag summore.
4 tomatoes, 3 peppers (1 deadish), 3 zucchini, 1 yellow squash (too big, can't use), handfull of cherry tomates, green beans, and strawbs.

anyway. we garden! and brag about it!


Heather said...

And you totally share with me! Cough. Cough.

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Sad day. (for me, not you, and really isn't that what it is all about anyway???) I wish I could have a garden, sometimes I can barely go out on my grass because I am so scared of the spiders. This gal needs therapy. BUT back to you...sigh... that is awesome!!! I'm so impressed you lil farmer!

Anywho. Did you see all those heinously fat chics in your last post, cuz I did.