Sunday, January 4, 2009


The December get together. It was mine. All mine, and yet Talisia and Dellany seemed to do just as much for it as I did. I think they were secretly worried whether or not I could pull off a whole party, a real one, all by my lonse. But I surprised them, I think. I even MADE stuff. And my mother-in-law even did a center piece with actual flowers. I put cranberries in the ice to make it pretty, and I remembered important things such as paper plates and cups. FOR REAL. What I didn't do was have it at my house. Probably because I don't have one of my own at the moment, and I live with folks other than just my husband, and I thought it would be a little overwhelming to invite 14 other girls over that talk about childbirth, bowel movements, witch doctors, and old high school memories. I'm just sayin. But it ended up going pretty well, thank you very much. I also thought it would be pretty fun, seeing as how I didn't do a theme and all, to hand out some "awards". A few of the awards....

"Most Likely to Die in a Freak Cooking Accident...While Making No-Bake Cookies" goes to.... (yeah, that one went to me)

"One Stinkin Hot Future Relief Society President"....can you guess?

"Most Likely to Change Her Last Name to Cullen".....

"One and Only Girl to Get a False Positive Pregnancy Test"... a pretty hilarious story...

"The Only Woman to Ever Have a Nine Month Pregnant Belly AND a Six pack"...

Just a few. Anyways, since I had December, I'll skip the usual tribute (that'd be weird). Instead just enjoy a whole lotta pictures.

Sara with Miss Hadlee Jo. She is the sweetest thing. The baby I mean....haha

Cassi and Sheena. Two people who can't take a bad picture if their life depended on it.

Brooke, Tara, Kira, Hadlee, and Tori.

Dell showing off how cute the container is for Sheena's diaper wipes. Of course even her wipes are cute. It's Sheena we're talking about...

Katie in the middle of what appears to be an AWESOME story. Which is pretty typical, she is always entertaining us :)

Dell and Kira. Check out that water mug Dell has there. It's GI-normous. It goes everywhere with her and because it's hard for her to keep hydrated since her surgery, she drinks at least 3 of those a day. THREE. And she only absorbs about one of them.

Talisia and Katie.

Katie, Brooke, and Sara.

Trying to get a picture of everyone. I think Sara is the only one that knows I'm taking this picture :) Can you find her?


Another bad picture with no one looking. But look at how beautiful Talisia's house is.

Sheena and Dell.
Tori, Sheena, and Tara.

Just showing off T's house again.

Her bedroom. She'll want me to tell you that it's not how she wants it yet and blah blah blah. But her husband actually made that bed that goes from wall to wall, and has floating shelves....

Just your typical picture of a boot and some ornaments....?????
Our November party is below, and there are more posts to come. I'm gonna try really hard to keep up the posting. :)


Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god I can go on living now that you have posted such a delicious treat!

You are the man! Er, girl, or whatever. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't throw a par-tay!

Steve, Haley and Ava said...

What? And the picture of my bum? You conveniently left that one out (just kidding...glad you did). I have my award hanging in my locker-thingy in my mud room so when I go to get my keys, I can look at my sexy jeans-butt award. Love it, but still a little perplexed on how a saggy jello mom butt could win such a prestigious award!

Erik and Lisa Harper said...

Your parties look like so much fun, I wish i had as many great girlfriends as you do. Talisia's house is gorgeous you'll have to ask her if she can come and decorate my house. I guess i should probably get a house first! Love ya girl and miss you.

Katie Corbridge said...

I’m scrolling down enjoying all the pics on this post and thinking how beautiful all our girlfriends are in them (all smiley and cute faced) when I scroll down to my picture of my mouth open wide, hands out, and goofy looking! Honestly, what I’m I doing?!?

On another note though, you need to give yourself more credit for hosting one great get together! Your cranberry rectangular ice cubes take the cake! And the food… delish! I literally was finding ways to sneak more of that bean dip. (Really, I think I put it on my sandwich during one part of the night!)

I’m still talking about Talisha’s house and those creatively cute certificates you two made! Amazing! Your pictures are so great – you always capture the best photos of the setting too!

Tara said...

I might have to say that your little party was one of my favs! I heart T's beautiful Crib-dizzle and seriously the food made me gain 10 pounds! Now email me some pics (please) and post about new years missy!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Oh I could beat you. Yeah I'm so impressed that your incompetence at party throwing didn't show through, all thanks to me and T... wait wasn't I sitting there the whole time stressed out about my hubby being a poo face???? Yes, yes I was. Duh!! You cut out the crap and tell everyone how fabulous you are, DO it. You know I love you, those pics of T's house could seriously be in a magazine. Thanks again to you cuties to be the ones that started this whole shabang! Yeah let's talk about that for a sec. Who came up with the freaking super cute idea in the first place which has led to many a-months of laughing our faces off together?? SO props my dear, love ya for it. You did good!
(oh and shoot, we have to give ourselves props for the hilariousness we came up with for awards, hehehe we funny.)

Heather said...

Fun! Delly looks gorgeous!(well all of you do) Brandon seriously made that bed? It awesome!

Tara said...

ah yes, i just checked it sorry! Your the best!

Beth said...

Way to go Andrea, looks like a rip roaring good time. I bet you did awesome at hosting this get together. See it is so easy to do stuff like this when you find/have the time to do it. Give your self some credit.

I can not believe Brandon made that bed. Props to you Brandon. I have heard so much about Talisas house, and yes it is beautiful!! So Talisha. So when is she going to sell her soul to the devil?{ I mean start a blog} I would love to see what her and Brandon are up to.

And I am still waitng to try this famous dip you make. Maybe we need to plan a get together so you can make it for me.