Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is the Daniel's Summit Lodge. My dad takes us all up there every year between Christmas and New Year's. It is one of my favorite traditions we do. I LOVE this place!!!This is a blurry picture of our room. Yay! I love the rooms. They are so cozy and cabin....y. In past years, when Austin and Steve were here, they would always come into our room for Madden football on the x-box. Kevin is looking forward to that next year...

A picture of our fire place and fridge. Er, porch. That would be Coke sitting out in the snow for a little chill session. We would get one about 10 minutes later and it would be slushy. Delish.
This is the view from our porch in the morning. Nothin but wilderness
Shelene, Ivy, and Dad just walking to the restaurant. Brrrrr.

My brother-in-law Dan and Kyler Boo in the General Store. Isn't Kyler yummy?
The gang at dinner minus Kevin and I...I took the picture just as we were arriving (i am going to try to change the fact that Kevin and I are NEVER in any of the pictures on this blog)
Ivy. This is her one and only picture face. I guess you could say it's her "Blue Steel"Ethan trying on hats in the General Store...

The first night there, playing games. They have little areas like this in the lobby and upstairs set up for groups to gather and play games. This is one of my favorite parts about the trip, just getting together in our pajamas and sitting in the big comfy couches and chairs and playing all night long.Justin and Jessica. If I tried to explain how we are'd go cross eyed just thinking about it. So I will. Justin is my step mom's step son from her first marriage, whom she helped raise. But Chace and Justin are half brother's because their Dad was married before Shelene, so they have different it?
My brother Chace and his cute girlfriend Duvae. (Because he is leaving on his mission in February, according to them I don't think I'm supposed to SAY girlfriend....but whatever. It's his girlfriend)
Getting ready to head out on the trail. This is the whole reason we come up here. To snowmobile!!
The first dig out. There was literally about 6 feet of fresh powder, so getting stuck was not hard to do...One of my favorite things is going off the trail and finding jumps and whatnot, but this year that was a little difficult. Only if you wanted to risk getting stuck and spending a half hour digging yourself out.

Just cruising along the trail....isn't it so pretty? Even more so in person
I'm kind of obsessed with cool trees(yep), and these were incredible. Being in the mountains with fresh snow brings a whole new meaning to winter wonderland. And I was smack dab in the middle of it.

Just look at that little guy. All bundled up in his snow gear and a helmet he can barely hold his head up cute

K, this is when I wish I knew what I was doing with my camera. This picture was SO COOL in person. That bright spot above the trees is the sun (der), but it was this muted, perfect little circle peaking through the sky and if you put your head close and to the bottom of the screen and look up, you can barely see it. Go on, do it. You did didn't you?

Some "action shots"

Another blurry picture thanks to the hubs. This is our last night there, and we are downstairs by the fireplace getting ready to play some more games. That Christmas tree in the background goes from the ground level all the way up through the second floor.

Goodbye to Daniel and his summit. See you next year!


Stephanie and Levi (and Claire) said...

wow, i'm pretty impressed with all of this blogging. you went forever without blogging at all and now all of a sudden you're all over it. anyway, i have two books you could borrow if you wanted about photography since, according to you, you don't know how to use your camera. also, reading the camera manual helps as wel (haha). If i'm not mistaken, we have the same camera?

Erik and Lisa Harper said...

That looks like the best family tradition ever. There is nothing better than hanging out in the beautiful snow all day and then in your pj's playing games all night. I didn't realize how much i missed the snow until I saw your pics!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Oh heck yeah! Those pics are sooo pretty. I've become so nervous (I know shocker huh) that I rarely go snowmobiling with my pops and bro. And the last time Tremayne went with them he came home with a pretty good concussion! What an awesome lodge, and I just love love love your family. Your siblings are getting way to old. Throw all of them in some tupperware and keep them from aging please. Did I mention I love your fam????

Steve, Haley and Ava said...

That looks like so much fun friend. And kudos to you on two close postings. I have been not so much into it lately. i haven't been snowmobiling in years - looks like sooo much fun. Um, and Ethen is a mini Creed. So cute. I am glad you said girlfriend. I hate the pre-mish "is she, isn't she" crap. I say if you talk on the phone everyday, see each other everyday and make out lots, your boyfriend and girlfriend.

Heather said...

This is the best! Love all the pics of our fun.

Heather said...

And yes, my baby is yummy.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh Daniel is gonna miss you! And I hope you didn't eat Kyler, please tell me he's still around! And I have to say I've always been jealous of all the family vacations and getaways that you do. You're such a vacation whore. :)

And since you have started blogging again and you are my favorite blogger I have bestowed upon you an award! Yes, but you have to come over and get it because there is a prerequisite I need to complete first!

Mua ha ha ha!

The Bonham Family said...

What a fun tradition leave it up to your dad to make things fun & great! Ok, I love that you have your Coke getting slushy in the snow, nothing better than that! That looks like such a warm, cozy trip~!

Barbara said...

Just dropped in for a visit...Dave would LOVE to start that tradition...oh wait, he goes snowmobiling with Zac EVERY weekend! Great pictures! Enjoyed my you to death!

Heidi said...

How fun! I want to go up there. Color me jealous... you get to go every year?!

Anonymous said...

So that looks really fun, I've never done the snowmobiling thing before I need to try it. It's hard for me to do snow sports though, I REALLY don't like the snow after a month of it. Why do I live here!?