Sunday, February 1, 2009

Janu-assi Casinary

Aren't you so's yet ANOTHER get-together post.......yay! (So my life is boring, and this is all I seem to post about. Shhhh, you're fine)
This awesome month of January was Cassi's to host. These are the grills who were able to make it out. She made yummy soups and salad and FUDGE. Oh the fudge. We ate and chatted as usual, and then watched some old videos, which is always a good time for us. It was mandatory that we come in comfy clothes and in her email we were told "NO JEANS/HEELS ALLOWED. Comfly clothes, hoodies, slippers, etc. Dont wear your favorite jeans and heels and tell me they are comf. No. They are not.". Sara and Kira didn't get the email. What losers. ( but I might just have to go purchase those bomb A boots)

Delly. Her hair makes me wanna VOM it is so perty. It seriously is thicker than a horse's mane, and she is a natural blonde. (we did add in some extra blonde pieces for the first time ever 2 years ago, but seriously. This is her "needing" her hair done)

Kira, Katie, and.....Cassi-last-minute

It wouldn't be a party if we didn't do our crazy picture. Please, just please check out Cassi and Britt in the middle front. They didn't mess around man. I mean, for realza.

K first of all, we are nerdville. I know. But we were trying to be all serious face in this picture and none of us could do it. The timer on the camera is 10 seconds, and by the time it actually took the picture, we were dying.

Ha, Kira didn't know I was even taking this picture at the time. But come on, look how cute her bum is.

Sheen Diggler, me, Kira, and Dell.

Tara and Hadlee Jo.

Miss Katie pants.

K, I asked Cassi to pose for a picture since it was her month and I do a shpill on the host.
These three beauties are what she gave me....


And a heel stretch.

Ah, yes. Also my go-to pose when asked to take a picture for a blog....

Yep. That's Cassi for ya. We have known each other since middle school. That leaves us with a whole bunch-o-memories. This girl kills me. She is such a funny, random, eclectic person. We did the whole Cheer/Dance thing together. She was one of the three of us that did Varsity Cheer and Dance Company our junior year. Insanity. How we pulled that schedule off I will never know. In one day it would be early morning practice for one and after school practice for the other. But it was so much fun! You get me, Cassi, and Julie Rasmussen in one room and it's over. Anyway, Cassi is a total performer, so naturally she has her own dance company called Bliss Academy. She teaches 16 classes a week, and even offers an adult class. She is outgoing, talks with not only her hands but her whole arms, she wears peace sign ankle bracelets, and is incredibly photogenic. She eats her cereal separate from her milk, taking a handful of cereal and then a swig of milk - but never in the bowl together. She knows, and is friends with everyone. She is seriously hilarious, I think her and Sheena and I could laugh about things NO ONE ELSE thinks are funny. She is the first person to make fun of herself, and will always point out funny/awkward things that no one knows how to respond to. She is honest and open, and has no problem sharing anything :) She referred us to her witch doctor, and who doesn't need/want one of those? She got engaged after dating her husband for one week. I kid you not folks. They are freaking ADORABLE together. Their house is covered in pictures of them: serious ones, fun ones, and silly ones. They are a beautiful couple. One of our friends worked at a restaurant they went to eat at, and all the servers were saying there was "the most beautiful couple they had ever seen" eating there. Tara went out and saw that is was Cassi and Josh. Figures. Anyways, much love for the Cassinator. She rocks.


Tara said...

what a blast last night was! I love our monthly girl time!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

Ahh cass b'gass. Love her! She really is the goofiest lady ever. I love hanging out with her because it is always a good time. And I laugh my nose hairs right out. I love how we ended up watching old Dance Company videos at are thing a ding too, SOO fitting! Love it.

Vierra crew said...

I am so proud this post came so quickly!!! I clicked on your blog thinking it wouldn't be posted yet.. But it was!! Look at you go! All I can say about Sat. night is mmmmmmm...fudge!!

Katie Corbridge said...

Love the fact that we can’t hold it together in that serious face pic! Cracks me up!

Kira’s bum is hot!

Love the blip about Cassi, but the best way to explain Cass is when you said, “-K- Can I just put you in my pocket and take you home with me?” She’s that exocentric that she needs to be a little action figure of herself!

Grand Pooba said...

Awwww, what cutie pies you all are! K, you did dance company AND drill in the same year? Is that possible? That's so weird to me cuz our highschool dance company hated us drill teamers! But our dance company sucked donkey doo doo and when I learned that was a requirement, I decided not to try out.

But sersiously that must have been hard fo sho! I must see these dance videos you speak of!

I love your posts, everyone in your cute group of friends is so different but you all get along!


Tiffany and Bill said...

You girls are so fun!
I was just leaving Delly a comment that you two need to come see me and the baby.. Anytime is good for us. I miss you two girls!

Grand Pooba said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are down for fall out boy. My lil sis is coming too, (my baby sis, the brown haired skinny little one)! I haven't bought tickets or anything yet so lets talk!

KiMnRoB said...

Look at how fun you girls are!
I haven't seen Cassie since I graduated from HS almost 9 YEARS AGO!! Aaah I'm old.
She is darling! Looks like she hasn't changed a bit!

Steve, Haley and Ava said...

I suck at life for not going. Whatcha gonna do?

Grand Pooba said...

Yes Andrea, you do have to update your blog regularly to get any cool stuff in the mail. Like candy or icecream or a frog maybe.

I'm just sayin

Heidi said...

Funny. Cassi is way too cute for her own good. Also, you mentioned Julie Rasmussen... is she around? I need to get in touch with that girl. Does she have a blog?